Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Attention WCC Readers: Late Updates Notice for July, and Poll Information

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform all of you that I will be gone for most of July, with limited and/or very spotty computer access. I have a summer job starting on the 6th, and immediately after that finishes (two weeks), I'm going on vacation for another two weeks.

Animal Jam is set to update on July 11th and 25th, approximately. I will not be around for either of those dates, so there will be no update post from me.

However (and I have no idea really why this is), any columnist can do an update post. Most of you seem to think that it's an 'elite honor' to do the Animal Jam update post, but I don't really care for that matter. It makes my work easier and allows me to work on other projects, such as essays about games, comment moderation (there's been an influx of offensive anons posting recently, so I've had to get rid of them), and my work on other sites.

On another note, five people have already voted on the poll I mentioned in this post, including myself. If you're out there and you haven't voted, I would suggest doing so, as there probably will be no chance of going back after the results are in.

The end date of the poll has also been pushed back to the 31st, since I had the impressive oversight to set the end date to a time when I'm not here. XD

At the current moment, trends are suggesting that we will be focusing on these three games, though. :D

I guess that's about it.

Bye for now!

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