Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This will be written in french, then translated in english.

Où vas-tu? Nous fuis-tu? Tu es revenue; cependant, tu nous a quittée un fois encore. Mon esprit restera pour l'éternité dans cet endroit que je chéris tellement, que je ne quitterai sous aucun prétexte.
Ne nous quitte pas.
Faisons reflorir de magnifiquance ce central dont il est question de mourrir.
De mourrir de notre lâcheté.
De notre lâcheté de ne vouloir remonter aux cieux mais de rester dans les ombres.
Je ne t'oublierais jamais, c'est tou qui m'a ouvert l'œuil sur tellement de choses...
Tu m'as rapporté maintenant cette douleur que je n'ai pas encore écrite:
Ma sœur, ma chère sœur que je pensais tellement énervante, souffre du cancer.
Je ne voulais pas révéler ceci aux personnes que je ne connais pas.
Mais maintenant avec le deuil qui pèse sur ce site internet, ja l'ai révélé.
C'est tout.

I am litterally crying right now... Go to google translator to translate it. I don't feel like translating it...


Forever a Woods Hunter.


  1. Cool blog! I swear it that I've viewed it before!

    1. Thanks for helping... Just a new comment helps out... THough I am quite sure this blog is dying. Ugh. In Fuzzy´s time this blog was really popular.

      MythCat2907 too lazy to log in XP

  2. Where are you going? Us flee from you? You are back; However, you left us once again. My mind will remain forever in this place that I cherish so much, that I leave under any circumstances.
    Come back.
    Do not leave us.
    Do magnifiquance reflorir this central which it comes to die.
    Of die from our cowardice.
    Our cowardice of not wanting to go in heaven but to remain in the shadows.
    Come back.
    I will never forget you, is tou which opened the eye on so much...
    You have reported to me now this pain that I have not yet written:
    My sister, my dear sister I thought so maddening, suffers from cancer.
    I didn't reveal this to anyone I don't know.
    But now with the grief that weighs on this internet site, ja it revealed.
    Thats all.

    is that right,,? if so, jove gotten better in frnech1

    1. Yerp, but I made a few typos so I figured out you went to Google Translator :P

      Felin Mythologique en Deuil


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