Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lovely Update sort of-ish XS

Hey jammers! Or lovers...?(ew!... >.< )
Anyways, there's an update! It's a Valentineish one though :P
Here it is:


Jam Mart Clothes:
Heart Anntanaes
Heart Lockets
Hat and Curly Wig

Jam Mart Furnishings:
Cherry Tree
Heart Chocolates
Rose Bouquet

Shiveer Shoppe:
Heart Blanket

So many hearts...I'm fed up with hearts!!X3


Friendship Party


PARADISE PARTY!! It's a very special party kinda "dedicated" to paradise birds, which are a group of colorful and pattern-ish unique birds! I'll get to it now.


Journey Book:
and of course the Prize.

Roller-Special-Paradise-Birdy-Shop (I actually forgot the name DX) :
Paradise Chair
Paradise Table
Paradise Rug

I haven't been to the Friendship Party yet, so I can't tell you if there is something interesting...oh well. Anyways, Woods said that the Twister game console is NM now :)

~Myth da Weirdo XD

PS: There's a new code called BEMYBUDDY gives you 500 gems :3

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  1. Eeeek!
    Me first post in an year! XD

    Myth da Weirdo


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