Friday, January 11, 2013

Return to Jamaa

Welcome to the world, little one!
Wake up!

Much has changed...
Much has remained the same.

Now you are back, after a long period of dormancy.
I am ashamed that I allowed anyone to replace you.
But now you are back.
Now you are back...

It's been a long time.
So, so long.
Waiting, watching.

I missed you.

Your friend, unfortunately, has not returned yet.

You have a new partner now.
Know her well; a spirit of the earth, of the plants that reach across its surface striving for light, of beings that crawl and walk and swim and fly.
You are the air, the cold Arctic wind, the sky, the sea, the pebbles, the mountain, all that abounds, all that exists, and all that ever will.
Mother Nature, Father Time.

Stand on the mountain and survey your kingdom.

Come, come!
Be reborn to this place!

The Rainyspirit is with you; I know it to be so.

Explore your kingdom!
The world is yours.

So wake up!
Wake up!
Welcome, young one.

Welcome back.


  1. I was hating my penguin. It wasn't doing anything, and I never used it, and there's only about six nonmember undersea items, total. So I decided, why not get rid of it?

    I turned it into a form of poetry, simply because it's awesome that way. XP

    So... yeah. :D

    1. What happens when Woods deletes an animal on animal jam: She makes poetry. I now understand it :D Before I thought it was gonna be some type of story thing or something XD

    2. Hey Woods

      Why didn't you just write a bunch of bad farewell(or fareBAD lol) words to that pinguin?? Nah just kidding lol! And I never knew you liked poetry?... Anyways, WALKOM BAK WOODZ NUMBA WON!!!
      If my English teacher-I'm in a French school okay-sees that he will throw me out of the window lol


      PS: WEIRDOO LANGUAGE ROCKS! Uh oh my teacher is coming just kidding XD


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