Monday, December 2, 2013

Mk. A good news and a bad news (the same news;depends on the point of view).
The good:

YAY! Guess what?! You finally got rid of that annoying sticky chewing gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe! Bai!

Ok the bad:

So, in other words, I'm quitting WCC. *Officially*
No-one really cares about this blog anymore... And life needs to move on. Sometimes promises should be broken. I'm probably going to start a blog myself...
I am glad I was an author of WCC.
I really am.
But there's always an end...
And it has come.
We have been waiting for you.
Deep in
So come, come gladly of your own will.
I am not preventing you.
Because you came by the will of Woodswolf.
This blog was... great.
Great when you posted.

When there was glory...
So I close my
When Woodswolf will come back.
Stronger then ever.


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