Monday, August 19, 2013

The Votes Are In...

Hello everyone!

Well, I probably should have checked on this two weeks ago, but it slipped my mind XD

So here's the results!

Stay focused on Animal Jam
  9 (33%)
Move focus to Free Realms
  1 (3%)
Move focus to Minecraft
  2 (7%)
Spread focus between AJ and Free Realms
  2 (7%)
Spread focus between AJ and Minecraft
  6 (22%)
Spread focus between Free Realms and Minecraft
  0 (0%)
Spread focus between all three games
  7 (25%)
  Total Votes: 27

So, it looks like most people are choosing to stay focused on just AJ... but that's only 33% of the people that answered. The other 66% seems to be more open, but can't decide what it's thinking XD

So I'm thinking that it would be beneficial to go with the second-most picked, and spread our focus between all three games, for several reasons:

1. It keeps me interested.
2. It allows me to post more, instead of just once every two weeks or so.
3. I would finally have an excuse for playing Minecraft 4+ hours a day!
4. I want to keep better tabs on Free Realms than I have in the past.
5. I can't stand being on Animal Jam for more than half an hour... the world is too small, and there's never really anything to explore.

It might take a couple days to do this temporary transition (I might have to update lots of pages and such, not to mention that I still need to do a bit of my own fact-checking on some Free Realms things - the last time I played it was... one and a half years ago, I think, and they've changed a LOT since then). If people don't like it, we can always switch back, but I can guarantee that this won't change when I do the Animal Jam update post! :D

Bye for now!


  1. you wear glasses? Coz I do and I hardly use the mom says its because I read too much in the dark. DX


    1. I hate glasses... But everyone says I look better in them (I partly think thats because they like my Ray-Ban glasses you know the ones that are big I got black with orange).


  2. Replies
    1. I actually remember having an AJ conversation about me being sad because my glasses were broken and the new ones weren;t coming until a week in Halloween 2011 and OMG i bet this is The LONGEST SENTENCE in the history of ever and you know these are called run-on sentences but im too lazy to go back and fix it and you know, i really AM lazy, etc.

  3. BTW woods, Yesh!!!! WE ARE GOING TO BE POSTING ABOUT MINECRAFT ON WCC YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I'm slightly addicted to Minecraft.)


    1. Haha...

      Hey youre s80me right?

    2. yeah i am

      Also do you play minecraft too?
      My player is CrystalTwilght


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