Wednesday, June 15, 2011

@ woodswolf

 nope im not changing it and im not saying its mine own if anyone ask about how i made that name i will say----------- "woodswolf gave me the idea and u should visit his blog the link is follow him hes an awesome guy!" so basically im helping u get more vans then me...well way more then me

-MaddieFox   :B

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  1. Maddie, it's not nice. In fact, if you live in the US (and the majority of our viewers do) it's illegal. You could get in big trouble for that.
    And anyways, people will notice and think that you came up with the idea anyway. And some won't bother to visit the 'source site'. And that's not good!
    I don't like that I may have to do this, but if you're going to do that I may have to change WCC's name (because of your rip-off D:). And then it may not be NEARLY as good. I mean, like WAJB. That's already taken, actually. And it wouldn't work. Maybe WGB? Still doesn't have the same 'ring' to it, and it would require me to make a whole new title picture if I changed the name.
    I'd prefer that you just change the name of your site, because WCC has been around longer and it's easier for you to change it right now (rather than like me because it's been around for four or five months).


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