Friday, June 24, 2011

The Great Pet Protest

Hello everyone!
I would like to present a poem I wrote to you.
Here it is:

The Great Pet Protest
"We want our pets, too!" Cried non-members bold,
When they had awoken to find members behold
The pets from the place in the Appondale shop,
That made the members joyfully hop-hop-hop!

"We don't care if colors are static or shapes left alone!
We want something to care for and treat as our own!
Because we have rights too!" They cried by the thousands.
"We want something else to live in our houses!"

That was the day that the protests began.
On and on for days they would go was their plan.
The protests, quite peaceful, happened like this:
All of the traffic was gone (like the fish)!

Soon AJ HQ realized what they had done.
Thousands of people had been angered as one.
They gave them pets fast, and with bang and with shout,
The non-members rejoiced at winning the pout!

Please give us our pets and we'll leave you at peace!
Please give us our pets, for we won't give you fleas!
Please give us our pets for the night and the day
And let us keep them forever in our own special place!"

So... everyone understand the point it's making? I submitted this to Jammer Central too...
Here are a few definitions you may want to know:
Static colors - unchanging colors
Shapes left alone - shapes of things untouched
All the traffic... (like the fish) - No one there... since non-members are a vast majority, it would be completely empty (close enough, nay-sayers who I know are out there)

I think everyone agrees with the point this poem is making. Non-members are used to sacrifice and will accept this as fair if they could just have pets. For example, maybe we would only be able to have one 'standard' coloration, unless if you were a member and already had pets. Or maybe a limit on the number of pets. Or maybe no rare pets. That way (since we're not sure yet if they'll lose them) members will have a 'safety net' if they lose their membership.
If you 'accept these terms and conditions', the poem predicts the future. And trying and failing is better than not trying at all.
Are you with me on this?
And actually, earlier today, I was getting quite a crowd riled up. We had about 15 people in Jamaa Township. I was leading but a lot of people were joining in, or just listening. Even a few members decided to fight for the cause! :) Then there were also the ones (that only were VERY early on) that said 'You weirdo' or something (I don't want to put what he REALLY said on here... D:). But it worked! 15-20 people is big, not necessarily big enough to notice it... but very big, considering what time it was: 6:00 AM CST!
AJ EMOTE OF THE DAY: :evil: - Protesting against the suppressing 'racist' government! YAYA! (The 'backstabbing' or 'protesting' smile always gets me... =D)
Bye for now!


  1. I wouldn't call "AJ" racist. I mean, members do pay. Pets started this commotion! I went around telling nonmembers who were upset that they may turn into nonmember animals/pets in a few weeks, just like the seal.

  2. Good poem though:) I know it wasn't fair that it was only member! (Even though I am a member)

  3. You know what I don't understand?
    Once in the news it said EVERY jammer matters and all jammers should be nice and know every jammer matters. Well, THEY don't treat non member jammers right. Only MEMBERS get pets!!!! Members get everything! If everey jammer mattered, non members and members could get the same things!!

  4. I Got a screen shot of what members were saying it's not on the internet yet but great poem!

  5. @Everyone
    I think I know why AJ only lets members have pets/new animals. It started kinda like this (I wasn't there, just a prediction):

    A nonmember was playing as the newest animal, the wolf, and then he clicked home, and the screen went BLACK! That jammer tried over and over, but he could never-get-on-AJ. That person sent an EMAIL to AJ about the glitch, so now AJ makes the members try out stuff, so if they receive any EMAILs, they can change that thing a little so there aren't as much glitches!




  6. think Think THink THInk THINk THINK!!! XD




  7. well where i was once all the nonmembers were so upset and they made me cry in real life cause they were being mean to members! ( but great poem)

  8. Yesssssss.....protest on member pets!>) I'll definatly join it....AJ coulda at least made a duck avalible to us or somethin!

  9. @ Silverstorm:
    What I mean by AJ being 'racist' (and that's why I used quotes) is that it treats unfairly or 'puts under' one set of people. That's the official definition of 'racist', actually. In some multiplayer games people find ways to 'cloak' that fact, like FreeRealms. Sure, they have memberships, and sure, they have alternate currencies, but you only realize them when you're buying something, and sometimes not even then!
    Some games stay online by donations, as in the game is completely fair. This is true for TEF and FeralHeart as well as a few other games.
    The problem with AJ is that it's SMALL. The game world is small, and people obsess over their friends and appearing 'good' to them, so they want to have all the cool stuff. AJ is quickly turning into a 'bad' game that nobody will play, because of the fact that the game world is small and, quite honestly, not designed well, and you can clearly tell that the only purpose of the game is that they get membership money.
    @ Princess:
    Exactly! You know what's extremely stupid?
    They said the article on 'Every Jammer Matters' right next to the 'Pet Preview'! It's a disgrace! They treat non-members, literally, like ****. In other games there are no non-members and in other-other games they cloak the membership so well that it doesn't matter. Here, in AJ, the game world is small, and thus, with thousands of people crammed into a small area, you want to look your best. But then they only give members the best-looking/coolest stuff.
    @ Tigerstripe:
    Post it whenever you can. Or at least let me see it...
    @ Key99:
    Wait... do you mean...
    In BETA... they introduced animals one at a time? Not all at the same time? What was the original first animal? I had only gotten on when the wolves were already there... The newspaper was... Volume 9...
    And were the lands introduced one at a time? I got on when 'The Original Four' as I call them (Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest, Temple of Zios, and Crystal Sands) were already there.
    But they wouldn't let the members do that. They test them on their own accounts on empty (and secret) servers. If they let the members do that and the members got stuck... they wouldn't ever play again.
    Also, for most of the stuff now, it's going to be members-only PERMANENTELY. Like the rhino and elephant. Like the pets. That's why we need to fight. AJ never tests their stuff with members. With the seal it was just an excuse to say "Well, since we hate the ones that don't pay us, we'll give the ones we love the new seal for a few weeks!"
    Then they came up with the idea of, "Hey! Listen to this! Why don't we just keep some stuff like clothes away from the ones who don't pay us FOREVER! Then we make WAY more money!"
    @ Knight:
    Well, we're all mad. And because AJ HQ never shows itself... we take our anger out on whatever's there. And it's members. AJ HQ, like the poem says, isn't going to realize or care until full-blown RIOTS come up. RIOTS.
    @ Jindo:
    Or even just the stupid frog! We don't care what we get, we just want them!

  10. Wcc Mod bunnylove3June 25, 2011

    cool poem!
    and i totally agree.

  11. @ bunnylove:
    Thanks! :)


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