Thursday, June 9, 2011

The "Gold" Wolf Sign-Ups!

Hello everyone!
If you didn't sign up for a character the first time and you want to be in The "Gold" Wolf , sign up on this post with this general form:

The "Gold" Wolf Character Name: ___________
Species: __________
Characteristics: ______________
In-depth description (optional): _________________________________

All characters that sign up here will be introduced in the next chapter.
Bye for now!  

P.S. I Copyed and Pasted from woodswolf post so I did not have to write much XD


  1. The "Gold" Wolf Character Name: Little TinyPaw
    Species: Bunny
    Characteristics: Fun nice friendly
    In-depth description (optional):Scared of most wolves.Has a broken leg.Can't hop well.Doesn't like to be around wolves or tigers.

  2. he "Gold" Wolf Character Name: Blackear
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Friendly strong clever
    In-depth description (optional): Eats everything that walks besides other wolves and Tigers.

  3. The "Gold" Wolf Character Name: Key
    Species: bunny
    Characteristics: fun funNY
    In-depth description (optional): Secret agent. When in agent form, has a black suit with brown hat. If not; is a white bunny with black spots.


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