Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is Mira Like?: An Exploration Examining the Different Aspects of the Same Godess

Hello everyone!
I bet you've always wondered a bit about Mira's personality. What is Mira like?
Here's my take on some of her 'occurences' in Jamaa:
To start my journey, I go to Jamaa Township, the central city of Jamaa, to look at a very famous landmark (and one of the first things you see in Jamaa): the Mira Statue.
One of the first things you'll notice about it is that it's BIG; bigger than any animal in Jamaa. This probably means (combined with the number of occurences) that she likes being the center of attention. The fact that she's on a high pedastel supports that idea.
Another thing that you'll notice is that there are bright sunbeams and 'little white lights' floating around the statue. This could signify her divine power(s) and/or that she's the center of attention. I think you've got that idea down!
Next, we move on to the Temple of Zios, where Mira appears in lots of minigames (both on their 'front boards' (the things that show the picture and instructions, etc) and inside in one case).
First we go into Temple of Trivia, where we find Mira poised over the trivia questions. This could mean that she takes intellect seriously and finds it very important.
After finishing a round of trivia, I go into the Chamber of Knowledge to find 3 more instances of Mira. I open the game Mira Says and see her lording over the sign in the picture. This could mean either intellect (as stated earlier) or dominance is important to her. Inside the game, she is again 'watching over you' and protecting you as well as meaning the same thing as its 'front sign'.
After a quick game, I see a tapestry on the wall that has a golden Mira scaring off some phantoms. Her stance in the tapestry is more humble, meaning that she's kind. She is efficiently repelling the phantoms which means she's protective.
I exit the Chamber of Knowledge and make my way to Crystal Sands, where I find a flamingo animal fact (which will change soon) sitting in the same stance Mira is on the tapestry (except she has her foot down on the tapestry) and her statue (except she has her wings up on the statue). This could say that Mira is humble enough to 'take the form of another', if you get what I mean.
I move on, through the Canyons Pathway into Coral Canyons. I don't find much except for one drawing of Mira (kinda like the postcard from Jamaalidays) which has her in statue pose. It again points out that she is an attention-lover.
Yet another place you see her (barely... if you look closely...) is very faintly in one of the Jam-A-Grams. It's the one with two bunnies that says 'Friends!' I've outlined it in the picture below:
Yes, it's very approximate... but Mira's head-feather curly thing is definitely there.
Now I move on to Sarepia for the last stop. I get enough people to dance, and Mira jumps up out of the fire. This shows that she is fun-loving and, again, the center of attention.
Now my journey is concluded; if you learned as much as I did you learned a lot!
Bye for now!


  1. Hehe.Cool!

  2. Wcc mod HjacklerJune 01, 2011


  3. @ Everyone:

  4. Little MagicFriendJune 01, 2011

    Cool woodswolf!

  5. Explorer SnowypetJune 02, 2011

    Great ideas!;)

    adelina(future WCC moderator?)

  6. Wcc Mod bunnylove3June 02, 2011

    that pretty much gives away the answers to the contest wich i forgot to do xD

  7. Wow I have never seen mira in the postcard bunny friends... there is also another post card mira is in.. The one that the AJHQ sent us!

  8. @ Princess:
    You're right! I didn't see that before...
    I missed so many Miras! There's also one in the Den Shop in Jamaa Township...

  9. Another clue in the Chamber of Knowledge is a blue-green suit (like a knight's) that is help up with what looks like a bird's foot.

  10. In the Clothes Mart, there's a mask of Zios with a blue-green necklace, which signals that she is loving, expecially for Zios. After all, the Animal backstory said they were in love.

  11. And don't forget the Mira in the fire at Sarepia!

  12. You all forgot ONE mira!!! In chamber of knowledge! She is in the picture that is hanging up on the second story of the chamber knowledge! If you look closy she it standing near a tree...

  13. @Princess Tinywolf
    That's the tapestry...

  14. bunnylove3June 06, 2011

    hey guess what! i looked up the meaning for the name Mira and here is what i found! ^.^

    Mira means:

  15. @ Everybody:
    Nice work! We've really found out what Mira means now!


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