Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ever feeled like to be REAL famous on AJ?

Hiya! I was feeling to make this blog FAMOUS. That means the mods, columnists, commenters and DEFINITELY Woodswolf will be famous. So what i was thinkin´ was that on AJ i will spread the URL of this blog. So what d´ya say? Should i(you can do it to)?


  1. Maybe...But this blog has over 12,000 views already.

  2. @ everybody
    I just made a new fanfic! it's a lot like crane feathers but a little different if you want to see how it's different click on the link below

  3. @ Explorer:
    Well, I'd be fine with it. WCC would get even more viewers (and more submitters, more CF characters, more traffic, more hits, more comments, more mods, more EVERYTHING).
    @ Tigerstripe:
    Sounds neat! I've signed up! :)

  4. @Tigerstripe/Blackfur
    I'm going to sign up, but please don't advertise on "A Full Eclipse". I'm going to put up "a blog list" that will feature...
    •Crane Feathers
    •The Gold Wolf
    •Drops of Rain

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @ woodswolf & silverstorm thx for signing up and I won't avertise the full eclipse but can i put it on a blog list?

  7. sorry it commented twice ill delete it!

  8. @ Tigerstripe:
    What do you mean? Like one of those panels that lists blogs or something? Or a post? Or what?

  9. @ woodswolf one of the list things I put crane feathers on it to...


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