Friday, June 3, 2011

The '3-Person Band' Glitch! (UPDATE)

Hello everyone!
There was a REALLY cool glitch on AJ today. Millicy and I are now making a 3-person band! Here's our band member photo:
Most of you must be wondering, 'Okay, how in the WORLD are there two millicys?'
YES... THERE WAS A LIVING, BREATHING MILLICY CLONE. The one on the left is the real millicy.
I studied it during the time we were there. When I clicked on its tag, it would bring me to her player card. When I sent it a Jam-A-Gram, millicy recieved it. When I traded with the clone and asked for buddy games, it worked. The only test that DIDN'T work was when she switched animals, but it still showed it on her player card.
I'm not sure if this is a once-in-a-AJ-lifetime glitch or if this happens to others... If you've ever had crazy glitches (not necessarily like this) comment here!
UPDATE: Here's my theory on how it happened:
Millicy came in the den and hit the 'Switch Dens' button. But right before millicy hit the switch button, I got in her den by hitting the teleport button. Where she was before stayed on my screen, but she went back to the entrance of her tree house den. But we're not sure.
There were even more weird glitches that I saw, like out-of place flooring in her volcano den. It was like 'National Extreme AJ Errors Day'!
Keep your eye out for 'singles' from 'Woodswolf and the Millicy Twins'!
Bye for now!
PS: Sign up for mod and/or columnist positions below! All current mods need to read it!


  1. GASP!I've been seeing TWO of EVERYONE lately!Its SO cool!I even see two mes!Its been like that ever since me "walking in the sky".

  2. @ Darling:
    Really? Wow! That's awesome!
    @ millicy:
    See? THAT'S what I saw. It's the Princess Castle den, not the tree house ;)

  3. Cool that happend to me too but there were THREE mes!;)

  4. @ adelina:
    WOAH... How, exactly? Because millicy couldn't see her clone...?

  5. @Woodswolf
    Actually, joanna07 and me were on line at the same time, and when she saw that there were three mes, she called me and told me that there were three mes. So I decided to see it for my self, so I opened a new page and used another account. I went to joanna07´s den (we were over there) and i saw three mes, just like my friend!


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