Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sorry ive been gone so long!!

ive been gone so long cause i play wolfhome more now, i hope u all r happy ima back, tell me if ur not


 Something I've seen........
why do we have eyes?
To see.
why do we have ears?
To hear.
why do we have teeth?
To talk and eat.
why do we have fingers?
To feel.
why do we cry?
To show feelings.
why do we yell?
To make a point.
why did i write this?
Because I've learned there's others than me.


  1. i hate you ass hoe bitch.


  2. tigerstripe... anyways never mind him.
    Welcome back Kitten Boo!

  3. 这是为什么老虎条纹的人被如此吝啬,为何他说一个坏字

  4. i wish tigerstripe didn't say bad words on this blog!

  5. :( Seals8 who hates cussing:(October 31, 2011

    Yeah on chat he asked Hjackler to tell him how Woodswolf's ass smells :(

  6. Seriousely? That guy is geto.


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