Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello everyone...
Sorry I missed the party! I had to work on a project and the time got away from me! :(
Anyway, I got a pretty spiffy volume calculator out of it. And a number-averager (which averages ten numbers).
Anyway, I'm going out trick-or-treating tomorrow, and tonight won't work because I have play practice and then chorale, so... I don't know when we can do a retry. Maybe next weekend? I don't know...
Bye for now!


  1. bigcatsfoever DCP MODOctober 30, 2011

    I got a Reindeer Mask My all time favorite item on Animal Jam!

  2. thank you woodswolf you are very kind! i am giving free membership to the 1st 1000 people that play the game multiplayer... me, poshi6 and mayksufi are mods!

  3. @gir888
    i hope i'm one of the 1000 people LOL

  4. HalloweenCrazySeals8October 31, 2011

    Oh,that's ok.
    Woods make sure my party retry isnt the smae date as urs mine is:

    When: November 1

    Time: Does 4:00-4:30 work for everyone? I am in CST,btw!

    Where: Flag Shop

    Other Details: Wear a costume!
    I plan on being Bunnicula- a vampire bunny who is a fictional book character.

    And the Thanksgiving Party:

    When: November 6

    Time: 9:00- 9:45 CST

    Where: 'Miras' statue in the Township.

    Hope u have fun!


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