Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fanfiction Addiction!

Hello everyone!
In case if you've been wondering why I haven't been checking up on AJ or anything else very much, it's just that I've caught the FANFICTION ADDICTION!
Yes, it's true. For the past several weeks (or at least the last week) I've written A LOT of fanfiction... and it's all posted online pretty much the minute I finish it.
It's really surprisingly addicting. For example, take Minecraft, an extremely addicting game, according to a lot of people, and multiply it by three. And add a few hundred (if not a few thousand) motivation points if you get popular. AKA, it's really powerful.
And that's only writing fanfiction. Reading fanfiction is also extremely addicting... sure, it's a bit hard to find ones you might like, but if you look in a category you like (chances are it's there) you can find a lot of stories where you'll at least be half-interested in what you're reading. XD
So, that's my words on my new FANFICTION ADDICTION.
Bye for now!


  1. i have been reading alot of warrior cats books (my mom says i'm a speed reader).

  2. Ps
    i'm on book 5 of the original series XD

  3. Wow... Yeah I Dont Know Much Else To Say XD
    Im Gonna Read Warriors After I Finish The Harry Potter Series.


  4. @millicy LOL ,Y MOM SAYS IMA SPEED READER TOO! Well I HAVE read almost every book in te wariors series: by not reading them in order.

  5. :O IT SNOWED WHERE I AM!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

  6. i hope that means Darkness before dawn it starting soon

  7. hey do you know mightyant on fanfiction? she is my sister! she writes tons of great stories

  8. @ Anonymous:
    I think Darkness Before the Dawn might start soon... I'm going to have to have some help with it, though. I need a fair judge, because I'm OBSESSED with FF.Net right now... I've written, like, 10 stories in the past WEEK... and thus I can't spend as much time on here.
    @ Gjr:
    I'll check out your sister's stuff :)

  9. @woodswolf
    i think i'll take at look at some of your storys!

  10. my sister wants you to comment :P


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