Monday, January 23, 2012

proof that 2+2 = 5 weird

Start with: -20 = -20
Which is the same as: 16-36 = 25-45
Which can also be expressed as: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) = 52) 9 X 5
Add 81/4 to both sides: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) + 81/4 = 52) 9 X 5 + 81/4
Rearrange the terms: ({2+2}) 9/2) 2 = (5-9/2) 2
Ergo: 2+2 - 9/2 = 5
Hence: 2 + 2 = 5


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  2. SilverStream (too lazy to sign in to my google account XDJanuary 25, 2012

    Oh no, that's horrible... you got ROBBED?

  3. man, im so sorry to hear that! but about the actual post, i mostly understood that (we did most of it last year in math) but i got confused towards the ending, but i trust that you're right. BUT, on the the other hand, 2+2=4. always has, always will :P

  4. It's okay. I understand. It takes a long time to recover from something like that.
    Everything will be fine :)

  5. Thanks, Its Nice To Have Friends That Really Care :3
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  6. @awesome tinygirl
    ( and)
    what kind of plants are plant and planty? :\

  7. @awesome tinygirl
    wanna go on chat sometime?
    and if you can can you go on chat when you read this?

  8. SilverStream (too lazy to sign in to my google account XDJanuary 26, 2012

    ________"$$$$o _____o$$$$$$o"$$$$o________o$$$$
    _______________""$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$$$$

    This is the amazing text image!

  9. ?????????

    __ __


    Confusing eqation

  10. @Millicy,
    We Are Green Leaf Plants. Theres Also Fall Leaf Plants And Leaf Blossom Plants! (The Blossoms That Grow On Trees After Winter, The White Ones That Grow On My Trees X3 ....Those Blossoms Smell Like Fish...)
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    And Its Downstairs And Its Very Cold, (As-Cold-As-A-Small-House-With-A-Crawlspace-That-Has-A-Vent-To-The-Outdoors-And-Is-Surrounded-By-Trees-And-Plants-So-Sun-Heat-Rays-Cant-Get-In-A-Lot-Cold.)
    And I Write This All With My 3DS.
    I'm Still Drawing And Decorating And Thinking Of And Writing About And Knowing About And Dreaming About And Then Finally Bringing Out The Plant Withen Me, It Will Take A LOOOOONG While To Know Everything About Plants... But Trust Me...
    I.. *Puts On Oversized Hipster Glasses*
    Will Figure It Out.

    I DID Make The Plant Flag Allegence!

    I Plant My Allegence
    To This Plant
    For The United Plants Of Plantness
    With Stems And Thorns To Help It Stand
    One Forest
    Under Gardener
    With Plants And Plants For All.

    Oh, And Heres Our Hairstyles:
    Planty: Long Ponytail
    Wood: Short Nice Hair (Long Story That Only Includeds Wooden Plants)
    Plant: Long, Messy Hair

    (I Bet You'll Like That Planty Has A Olive Green Scarf X3)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'm perfectly okay with being in the Royal Plant Army!
    I Pledge my Allegiance
    To this Plant
    For the United Plants of Plantness.
    With Stems and Thorns to Help it Stand,
    One Forest,
    Under Gardener,
    With Plant and Plants for All.
    O.O I like my hairstyle XD

  13. @Millicy,
    I Just Drew It!
    When My Dad Fixes His Scanner, I'll Show It To You :)
    The Hair Goes Up To Her Knees, Because, Well, Okay, Compare A Plant To A Tree. A Plant Grows Faster, To Leaf Plant Hair Grows Faster Than A Tree, So Leaf Plants Have LONG Hair (Unless They Get A Haircut)
    So Planty's Hair Was Long Already, So I Made It Wavy And Soft Now o3o

    Took Me 6 Hours To Write This Due To Procrastination!

    I Just Filled Out My Drawing Notebook! WoopWoop!
    I Also Tried To Get Better At Drawing Cats There, So I Drew Snow Like... 3 Times.. And Planty Twice
    (Profile+Alegence Picture)
    So Yeah X3
    I Will Be Scanning Everything Once My Dad Fixes It :l

    Arrietty Looks Like A Good Movie :D

    Plants And Evil Lemons Will Never Be Friends.

    Be Honest- Does Anyone Read ALL Of My Big Comments Or Do You Just SKIM Through It?

  15. @awesome tinygirl
    i read your long post X3
    with my speed reading powers >:D

  16. Lol, millicy!
    I read all the way through your stuff, don't worry! XD


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