Sunday, January 1, 2012

HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And glitch)

Hey peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited HORSES are coming to jamaa. If horses are non-members, I am back on AJ. I am super inlove with horses. Horses are #1 to me! C: I am so excited. Horses come next thursday. :D I cannot wait!! Can you guys!?!?!?
And I HATE when people say "Horses are members cause the horses in the news paper are members"
NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! Those are AJ WORKERS!!! They TEST OUT the new things! They have forever membership! So there is a possibility horses are for everyone!!
And there is a chance... Cause AJ makes RARE animals for members. Horses aren't rare animals! And they are the first HOOVED animals in jamaa! Everyone should get to play with the first hooved animals in jamaa!

And there was a glitch in my den where like I was in my den taking all the stuff out and when I went to go to coral canyons this is what happend:

There were random people in my den. And look in the cornor. It says coral canyons. And like I could not see myself. here are more pics:

I guess this was when people were trying to break the bridge..

Then I got on my other account and went to coral canyons and my wolf was not there. And then when I looked at my den my wolf on my other account was there!
I am desert canyon wolf.



  1. This is off-topic,skip this if you is the time....-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OK THTS ENOUGH------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I SAID ENUFF!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    ok,so today,i visited AJR (idk why the heck i did)And stared at "The weird note" post for a long time...I looked at a lot of the comments,it seemed like i was going back in time...then for a minute i knew why Fuzzy quit....DON'T ASK ME FOR IDEAS PLZ!right then i noticed no one here was like they used to be...,Now it feels like Fuzzy quiting was just a part of the world,like it was suppose to happen,to make things change,to make everyone,feel different,about tthemselves.........some got extreme,some calmed,some did everything,but Fuzzy quiting was just all one thing,It took everyone 1 step closer to their destiny.@ Historian Funwow

  2. @ Funwow:
    You have a point there.
    @ Kiddypool:
    Well, I know they are AJ workers, but the last time they released a non-member animal was the seal (and since the oceans are out now, I'm like "THANK GOD WE CHOSE THE SEAL INSTEAD OF ARCTIC FOX OR POLAR BEAR!") and even that was members-only for two weeks before being released to everyone. All of the other animals are members-only. Period. No questions asked.
    Sure, some part of me is still hoping that I'm amazingly wrong, but in almost all of my predictions I've been right. :(

  3. @Woodswolf
    If We Got Arctic Fox Then We Would Probably Get Another Sea Animal For Non-Members! And If We Get A Desert Then Im Just Gonna Bug AJ To Get Fennec Foxes :P
    And Pet Snakes o3o


  4. OH YEAH! I Was Gonna Say That Happened To Me When I Tried Going To Town. People Were In My Den And I Was Like o.o But Unfortunately This Computer Dosent Have PntSc (My Dad's PC) So :/


  5. Nice, Roxy. IKR UNTIL I GOT THIS NEW COMPUTER FOR XMAS I DIDN'T HAVE A PrntScr! (which stands for print screen.)

    Ima going to try that out right now, and get a screenshot. Would you prefer a link to a video of me doing it?

  6. WoodwolfsCodeCentralJanuary 03, 2012


  7. That happens to me all the time!I have a crappy laptop so I have so many glitches...

  8. Hi! It's me seals8 I got a google account


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