Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Update: Freedom Party, Map Shortcuts, New Den and More!

Hello everyone!
Well, AJ's gotten their Fourth of July update out already (they wouldn't want to have to publish it on the 4th; it's a mandatory day off in the US), so let's take a look!
First thing, there's the new FANTASY CASTLE DEN! It looks so amazingly awesomely epic! I want one, but I'm not a member... :(
The best part about that is that in a way, they brought back part of the awesome BETA dens! You know, the bridge that you would walk in on...?
*sigh* I loved those dens... those were the days...
Second thing, there's a new game! It's called Falling Phantoms, and what you do is avoid phantoms that are being hurled out of a volcano on balls of lava!
...I know, it doesn't make much sense. I don't get it either. Plain lava would have worked just fine.
Third thing: there's now these really epic MAP SHORTCUT BUTTONS! You've probably been able to see similar things on other games (Free Realms, for example; Tinkatolli is another one), but now AJ has it! Take a look!
And then with a simple click...
All the shops in Jamaa light up! Yay!
Click on the same filter again to make it go away, or click on the shop you want to go to to be instantly teleported there!
Third thing: Members can now have 200 clothing items in their inventories. You know, hardcore traders?
Fourth thing: There's now a Costume Corner in the Jamaa Journal where you can check out an epic Costume of the Week! Yay!
Thing is, only two of those things (the penguin and the moon necklace) are available to non-members... *sigh*
But either way, the picture looks epic.
Fifth thing: Blah blah... pet contest... blah blah... few weeks... blah blah blah... foxes are coming... blah blah... old news... bleh... bleh... bleh...
Sorry, had to check if anyone was bored XD
Another thing: there's also the new Freedom Party. It's got some remakes of the animal hats with 'Freedom' labels slapped on them, and then a few fireworks displays, but it's so laggy in there I couldn't get a picture. D:
By the way, before we go... does anyone else think the fox outline looks REALLY WEIRD???
When I first saw it, I thought the fox was actually BIPEDAL (standing on two feet, you know?). And it might actually be, although I can see what looks like the outline of three legs in the back there, like it's standing, or two legs per 'leg', like it's sitting, but I can't really tell. Can anyone make sense of my madness?
Well, I think that's it!
Bye for now!

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  1. I think it's sitting cuz just look really hard! :D


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