Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, sorry this is a bit late, but here I am with this week's AJ update!
First thing on our plate are the new FOXES!
As expected, they're extremely adorable. And for members only. But whatever...
The second awesome thing this week is that TURTLE PETS will soon be coming for members! Well, it depends on whether or not they're cute, but they might be.

The third thing is the new PAINTING activity in the Coral Canyons Art Studio. Here's a picture:
So, anyway, here's a screenshot explaining all the tools and toolbars. Click on the picture to zoom - you'll need it.
1. This is the regular painting brush. Good for smooth curves, etc.
2. The Line tool. It allows you to draw perfectly straight lines, from point A to point B.
3. This is the Airbrush. It's a semi-transparent brush good for background effects.
4. The Box tool. It allows you to create boxes of any shape or size.
5. The Fill tool. It allows you to fill in spaces of any shape or size.
6. The Ellipse tool. It allows you to draw any ellipse or circle.
7. The Smudge tool. It allows you to smudge anything you've drawn.
8. The Triangle tool. It draws triangles of any shape and size.
9. This is the Color Picking Tab. Any color in the rainbow, you can get it.
10. This is the Size Tab. For the Paint, Line, Airbrush and Smudge tools, you can select any of six sizes of brush.
11. This is the Undo button. Just remember, though - it only stores the last action in memory. If you messed up two moves ago, in other words, you can't redo! Be careful with it!
12. This is the Print button. Click it and you can print your picture to hang on your wall or whatever you want to do.
Well, for my review of it, this is actually a really powerful paint program, up there with GIMP and Photoshop. Give it a Layers tool and a larger Undo capacity, and it's pretty much the AJ equvalent of GIMP.

The fourth thing is the new store, Den Depot! You can go to view and buy all the dens there.
The fifth thing is the new My Settings tab. It's a one-stop shop to check everything you need to.
You can check your current status on membership, lock or unlock your den, turn your sound on or off, and take a look at the handy dandy little messages screen.
The sixth thing is that over 50 MILLION GEMS have been donated to the Conservation Museum! When we reach 100 MILLION GEMS donated, MONKEYS will be re-released into Jamaa for ALL JAMMERS to play as again! Woohoo!
The last thing is that all of the Summer Carnival prizes are on sale - fifty percent off! It's a good time to shop!
Well, I think that's all of this week's major news reports!
Bye for now!


  1. We're just epic that way XD

  2. @Woods

    Is It Too Much If We Ask To Be Mods On WCC? Me, Mill, And Darling Are On A Lot And A Lot Of Idiots Get On Chat Too And Spam It D:

    Can We Be Mods To Ban Them?
    Answer Back Soon Please


  3. LimekittenAugust 01, 2012

    Ooookay... Abnormal silence... I'm gonna break it!

    Cheeese cheeese who likes cheese?


    lalala hahahaha Seals8! Is so great! Goooooo pICKLE@ RIO

  4. @ Tiny:
    Sorry I saw this so late, but... actually, I've been thinking about this for a while. I think I want to clear out the inactive columnists and mods and get some new ones. Especially columnists... if anyone wants to get in on this, all they have to do is hack one of the columnist's e-mails, and there you go!
    And then, I also realize that a lot of the mods have not been on in forever... Darling's been the only consistent one. I'll make a new post for mod sign-ups, but you and Mill are definitely getting reserved spots ;)


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