Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amazing Day!

Hello everyone!
I had the most AMAZING DAY today! Believe me, you have NO IDEA how much fun I had!
My day started when I got to school (it was a film festival - I didn't get to watch any of the stuff, but whatever) only to find some science professor guy who looked a lot like Albert Einstein setting up some sort of machine in the gym. I walked over to him and asked him what it was, and he said it was a WORMHOLE GENERATOR that could create tunnels to other universes, and that he was going to demonstrate it to whoever was there at 9:00.
When he said that he just needed to give it a few tests before it would be ready, I volunteered to test it out for him. He said that it would probably be okay, and told me to think of a place to go on Earth, like a spot a few feet away.
I didn’t want to do that, though – that was BORING – so when he turned it on, I thought of the square in Jamaa Township, and I ACTUALLY WENT THERE!
The problem was, three seconds after I got to Jamaa, the portal closed, and I was stuck. As I tried to think of a way out of there, I thought of my wolf, Mythical Vinespirit. All of a sudden, I disappeared, and a few seconds later, I was my wolf!
I just ran around Jamaa Township for a little while after that, getting weird looks from the other animals, and eventually decided to go to Sarepia Forest, as I’d always wanted to go there. When I got there, I climbed up the tree with the board-stairs on it and slid down the slide multiple times. When I got bored of that, I went to Sarepia Theater, got some popcorn, and ran inside the theater. I must have sung along with the Gecko Song almost 50 times!
When I got bored of singing in the theater, I walked outside only to find GREELY, the amazing WOLF SHAMAN, talking with a bunch of other animals. I listened to him talk for a little while (it’s amazing the way his ruby-eye glints when he moves) before he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. It was AWESOME!
Then I decided to go to Mt. Shiveer. It was really cold – I was really happy to have my wolf-fur keeping me warm – but I decided to do my Spirit Dance on the top of the mountain.
When I finished my Spirit Dance, I was still cold, so I cut through the tunnel to Crystal Sands and swam in the warm ocean water for a little while. After I got warm, I got out of the water and decided to go look at Dr. Tierney’s lab and play with the stingrays in the touch pool.
To find some relief from all the stings, I decided to try to turn into my seal by thinking of it, and it worked. After that, I dove down into Kani Cove from Dr. Tierney’s place.
You have no idea how cool the ship looks! I basically swam around in there for a little while, trying to look for treasure (I decided to NOT look in the barrel with the sea snake).
When I couldn’t find any old pirate treasure, I decided to go to Deep Blue, where, lo and behold, was the barrel of dubloons that I always saw when I played Animal Jam.
That was right about the point where I found out that I didn’t have any pockets.
After that disappointment, I swam down to the bottom of Deep Blue to find some pretty awesome undersea vents. They were really cool to watch.
When I got done watching the undersea vents spew their stuff, I decided to swim off to Crystal Reef. I could create a whole post on how beautiful this looked alone. So I’m not going to comment much on it.
After several hours of being transfixed by the colors and patterns, I decided that I had to move on. So I went to Bahari Bay. It wasn’t nearly as colorful there as it had been in Crystal Reef, but I didn’t really mind. I swam around there for a little while before deciding to return to the surface.
Once I got to the surface again, I changed back into my wolf. Thankfully, the stingray stings had disappeared, so I decided to walk through the Canyons Pathway to Coral Canyons.
The waterfall was the first thing I noticed – it was around forty feet tall! I sat down underneath it and laughed as I got all wet. When I got out from underneath it, I was soaked, but I didn’t really care. I climbed to the top of the archway and jumped on the bridge for a little while. Unfortunately, no one else was there, so the bridge didn’t break, but I could have cared less.
I decided to go to the Lost Temple of Zios next. I ran through Sarepia quickly to get there. Once I was there, I noticed that it was really hot – it was a rainforest, after all – and that the ruins were really old and all crumbly, almost like old cheese. I saw Graham running around and wished him the best of luck with the whole ‘endangerment’ situation before moving on to the Chamber of Knowledge.
I walked around in there, carefully examining all the ornate tapestries and old books. I tried jumping on the trapdoor in the corner (it was sealed from the underside – I couldn’t open it no matter what I tried) before moving on to the second room. There was a lot of cool stuff in there, too – I stared at the tapestry that had the golden Mira on it for a while, and looked at the model phantom underneath the glass case – and after I’d soaked up all of the knowledge about Jamaa I could bear, I left the Chamber and decided to go see Appondale before I would try to figure out a way back.
I cut through Jamaa Township and arrived in Appondale. The first thing I did was climb the tree to get out of the hot sun! After I realized that the shade alone wasn’t going to help me stay cool, I ran down the side of the tree and jumped in the mud until I was completely covered in the stuff.
After I was all muddy, I went inside the Animal Museum, only to find that they had air conditioning in there. I watched some movies on some of the animals before I walked outside and decided to go back to Jamaa Township.
Once I was there, I didn’t really know what to do. I’d done everything I wanted to, so I went up and talked to Mira’s statue. And it actually talked back!
You know what Mira said to me?
You really want to know?
You really really want to know?
You really really really want to know?
Mira said…

Bye for now!


  1. bunnylove3April 01, 2012

    Oh thank goodness, i thought u were going crazy there woods...

  2. lol amazing story! i thought it was real at first, then APRIL FOOLS got me! LOL

  3. XD IKR!
    I really had fun writing this XD

  4. bunnylove3April 01, 2012

    uhm yeah, you cant actually go to jamaa... xD

  5. IK, it's kinda sad that you can't, though. If someone could figure out how to do something like this, I would praise them forever. And then they would become a billionaire overnight.
    Science fiction eventually becomes science fact... hehehe...

  6. Well brady barr and tierney thy did it! XD

  7. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    is Jamaa
    Birds fly
    into Jamaa so why then oh why can't I?


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