Monday, April 30, 2012

Animal Jam World Name meanings

Animal jam... yes we log on almost every day. We see the new loading screen and then choose a world. You often just glance over the worlds, not paying attention to their meanings. What exactly do the worlds names actually mean? Well i did some research on most of the names. Here is what i found out...

Aldan: A river in Siberia
Tigress: A female tiger (and Tigris is a river in Mesopotamia)
Danube: River in central Europe
Congo: River in Africa (deepest river in the world!)
Grande: Spanish word for big (Rio Grande is a river on the border of Texas and Mexico.)
Nile: River in Africa (longest river in the world!)
Belaya: River in Russia
Gila: A lizard called the Gila lizard (and a river in Colorado)
Chimbu: Is a river in the Simbu Provice of Papua New Guinea.
Zambezi: A river in Zambia, Africa.
Draa: A large sand dune (yay finally not a river!)
Kama: River in Europe (Also Indian god of Love)
Pecos: River in Mexico (Aw another river?)
Ramu: A river in Papua New Guinea.
Elbe: A river in central Europe
Ganges: River in India (also known as the Ganga river)
 Amur: River in Asia (this is way too many rivers -.-)
Asaro: Last name of the famous painter, John Asaro
Bakoy: River in west Africa
Sawtooth: A type of wave
Desna: River in Russia
Kilimanjaro: volcanic mountian in tanzania
Cimarron: river in new mexico
 Himilaya: mountian range in India
Atlas: A collection of maps or charts
Culgoa: River in europe
Wasatch: A part of the rocky mountians
Sierra nevada: A mountian range in spain
Alps: mountian range in europe
Comet: A shooting star
Flint: A kind of stone (also a river in America)
Burke: River in Europe
Bremer: River in europe
Calle : River in chili (spanish word for street)
Brazos: River in new mexico
Drava: River in austria

Well that is boring! They are mostly named after rivers! Hmm... why would worlds of a mythical place be named after rivers on Earth? Anyways, comment and tell me what you think!

Keep on Jammin'!


  1. Does anyone want me to draw (almost..) anything? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DRAW AND I WANNA DRAW SOMETHING! Help.. D:

  2. @bunnylove
    I thought those were made up words xD
    Draw A Bear xD

  3. @Darling Snowypaw
    i don't know how to draw a bear XD

    and did you draw that picture yourself?

  4. ALSO My Birthday Is May 11th!! :D

  5. Some PICTURES :D

    One <- My profile picture :D

    Two <- i just finished this :D

    Three <- GlaDOS is hard to draw :l

  6. How do you know all this stuff? Did you look it up? lol


  7. HermioneMusicNoteForever -sob-May 02, 2012

    O-O -sob- creepy, Bremer ish also the name of -sob- a building/company where i -sob- live wow...

    -Hermione -sob- MusicNoteForever (who is -sob- very very very -sob- very sad because -sob- Firestar died in -sob- the last hope)


  8. Why do people keep putting spoilers for the last hope EVERYWHERE I AM ONLY ON POWER OF THREE BOOK ONE PEOPLE

  9. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    Sorry Millicy I didn't know that I am really really sorry!

    omewhere over the rainbow, way up high
    There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby.
    Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
    And the land that is there is called something like Jamaa

    That's my modified version of Somewhere over the Rainbow.

    Again, I'm sorry Millicy!

  10. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    Dangit I typed 'omewhere' instead of 'Somewhere'

    I am, again, So so so so so so so so so so so sorry, Millicy!!

  11. It's okay i was kidding(Partly...)

  12. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    I posted a fanfiction go look :D

  13. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 03, 2012

    The best part is that there's more where that came from- my brain! :D

  14. @millicy
    Yes indeedy :P I got better at drawing :)
    PS Awesome drawings

  15. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    I pay attention to most things surronding me, And I realized that these worlds MUST have meanings. Some of them are simple like Comet and Flint but Congo u would never guess (Well, me anyway)

    -dragonsrock900 <--- my Aj username :P

  16. Wow, ... that must have taken lots of time to research :p

  17. Gila also means crazy in Malaysia. I live there. :) -Ivkjbm1


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