Monday, April 23, 2012

RIM: Rare Spiked Hair

Hello everyone!
Well, this week's RIM (Rare Item Monday) item is Rare Spiked Hair! (on TDE)
The best part about the item is that it comes in a color that you can't even wear!
Well, it's not exactly the best, as it means it won't go with anything, but whatever! XP
Anyway, take a look at my wolf on my other AJ account (I might use it for roleplaying later). You're awesome if you can identify the anime character that I've based him off of.

Bye for now!



    To Tiny And WOODS

    What if we made a plantness plants RP forum or maybe even GAME(with GameMaker :l or something else?) what do you think?

  2. Ok THIS IS CRAZY! Chatspeak people are everywhere IT DRIVES ME CRAZY *Has mini headache* (i'm running away from anyone who chatspeaks on AJ :|)

  3. @ millicy:
    That would be awesome! As I said, though, I don't have quite enough coding experience to know how to make an online game. I can program a chat room just fine, but for a game like FH (or even a 2D FH) it would be really hard. A forum would be easy, though.
    Maybe we could just RP on FH? Get a map, you know? I could make one... I'm pretty good. I've had practice :D
    I agree. Chatspeakers are weird. It's okay on occasion, like 'BRB', but if you're doing 'h3y wa55up n00b' it's just weird.

  4. @Woodswolf
    For GameMaker i meant a game like PMU7.

    yeah Chatspeaking is okay when it's BRB or GTG but stuff like this 'h3y wa55up n00b' or when people replace you with u or are with R it just gives me headaches when so many people do it..


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