Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giraffes Are Coming!

We have all heard that giraffes will be coming to animal jam! What will they look like??? I looked all around and found some giraffes around Jamma, take a look!

And here is a picture of a horse dressed up like a giraffe =)

Remember the giraffe that used to walk around in the background of Appondale? It has mysteriously disappeared! They probobly removed it when the made the journey book for Appondale.
So what do you think? Are you excited they are making a new animal?

Keep on Jammin'


  1. I Cant Wait Until They Come!


  2. Dear Bunnylove3,
    I have a new triva page! yay! But i dont know how to post there.I figured you should know since you have your own page to.
    Your fried,


  3. Wcc Mod: bunnylove3April 29, 2012

    @ wolves are awesome...
    Did Woodswolf say you could put it up? If so then you go to the page section and click "new page" and select "blank page." Hope this helps! If not, I could set the page for you, then you can put all your stuff on it. Good luck =)

  4. Wcc Mod: bunnylove3April 29, 2012

    Nevermind, i see woodswolf has helped ya out.

  5. no no no. i need to POST there


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