Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Extinct' Shamans

Hello everyone...
Has anyone noticed that the Shamans have gone extinct?
The only places you can find traces of evidence of them anymore is in the Chamber of Knowledge. There's one room that's lined with busts of their heads, and then there's the shop that shows their names (and, of course, people's dens).
Otherwise... the shamans have completely disappeared from Animal Jam, when they used to be the crowned jewel of it all.
Where have they gone?
I actually have a few theories on this.
1. AJ HQ doesn't have enough time to play as the Shamans anymore, and so they slowly removed them from the game.
2. A bunch of parents are concerned that their kids will start believing in Mira and the Shamans instead of their God(s)/Goddess(es).
Both of the theories have ample evidence supporting them: For example, Mira has faded from 'All-Powerful Ruler of Jamaa' to 'The bird statue you can find in Jamaa Township'. That actually supports both of them at once.
Also, the Shamans (when they actually existed in-game) were hardly ever online: I never saw a SINGLE shaman. Not one.
And then there's the stuff with 'marriages' and 'pups' and 'school': Some kids take the game REALLY seriously, and turn it into a RLRP (Real Life Role-Play: people act out what their lives might be like / are like).
These all are supporting reasons under the arguments on why the Shamans have gone extinct.
I wouldn't be surprised if, soon enough, they put all the Shaman statues into the Animal Museum, except they don't have the shaman names anymore.
Food for thought.
Bye for now!


  1. i totally agree with both of those theories! but i have to admit, i've never seen a shaman besides liza.

  2. The only times I've ever seen a Shaman was when their pictures were in the old, old newspapers or the statues in Mystery Emporium/Chamber of Knowledge.

  3. exactly! i was just about to post about this. but you did a better job.

  4. mhm to support your first theory, they also god rid of those moderator ppl for some reason. I have not seen a shaman either =\

  5. Aww, you would have done a good job! ;)
    Yeah... They got rid of the Guides a LONG time ago... I think they didn't want to be paying people to chat with little kids all day. XP
    I always wanted to see Greely, but I never could :(


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