Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shaman Focus: Cosmo

Cosmo the koala Shaman is an expert herbalist. He makes up for his small stature by being very animated and cheerful about everything, and feels that even a small person can have a big personality. Cosmo is a true academic, and loves to study books and do field research. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and their uses, and he's often consulted by other shaman about threats to the natural world. He acknowledges the spiritual world but prefers to concentrate on things that he can see and touch... and eat. As a mentor to new koalas in Jamaa, Cosmo is friendly and patient with beginners. He's a natural born teacher and loves taking a group of students out into a field to study plants. ~AJ Legends

It's hard to know where the koala shaman lives, no obvious markings can be found anywhere, and it's possible that his home disappeared from a previous remodel of the lands. This was proven by the fact that Sir Gilberts cave was removed from Crystal Sands with the most recent update. The pots in Coral Canyons do look like a thing he would hang up, being a herbalist and all.
-by kitkats

Woodswolf's Comment:
Cosmo's home is actually (based on the fact that he is a koala) probably somewhere in Appondale.
However, on one of the old banners that decorated the old Animal Jam site, one of them showed Cosmo in Sarepia Forest. Another one showed Greely in Mt. Shiveer near the Hot Cocoa Hut (with no sign), and a third showed Peck in Appondale near the tree.
The thing is, AJ HQ was giving mixed signals on where the shamans lived. For example, Peck's Art Room (where she's supposed to live) is in Coral Canyons, not Appondale. And also, there's a wolf carving on the wall in Coral Canyons (and in an old, old newspaper, Greely said that an ancient wolf pack lived and died there). Finally, there's no evidence at all of where Cosmo's home should be, but most likely (based on the things koalas eat) it would be in Appondale, Jamaa Township, or the Lost Temple of Zios.
When we bring the other Shamans into the equation, we see that Greely and Peck are sharing a home (Coral Canyons), Liza is nowhere at all (or is in Jamaa Township... where does she introduce all of the newbies?) Cosmo lives in two unconnected lands (Appondale and the Lost Temple of Zios), Sir Gilbert's home in Crystal Sands is only partially his (the water slides destroyed "Sir Gilbert's Mouth" as some called it), and Graham is probably hanging out with Cosmo in the Lost Temple of Zios, again sharing a home.
And that's only counting the Shamans that we have color photos of. There are more, as there are other statues in Mystery Emporium that have names, which imply that they are Shamans.
This was a long note.

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