Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, today the world of Jamaa needs a MINIMUM speed!
I just sat there for five minutes while my Journey Book was loading. And that's NOT all of the pages, either!
Plus, it took me just about five minutes to get in... and around half an hour before that trying to have it not go into 'loading purgatory'.
And it took fifteen minutes for Mt. Shiveer's background music to start playing.
And there's a delay in chat messages. A BIG ONE.
Now I fear every time I click a button!
Well, at least my 'Switch Animals' screen was up to speed!
Or not. It just gave me the 'Are you still there?' message while it was loading my seal.
Bye for now!


  1. Yes! I think that they are having some technical difficulties, what with a new update and a huge crowd of people trying to see all the new stuff.

    It's been taking seven minutes before I can even see the servers. :C

  2. It's taking forever for it to log in... maybe we could stay off aj until there are less people on the servers

  3. Yeah, No Kidding!
    But I Have To Get On For A While For 3150 Gems!!! :D


  4. @ Tinygirl:
    Well, I'd go ahead and do that... You could probably do it in not too long if you 'cheat' at Double Up (see the Minigame Cheats page), as it's 18 gems every 15 seconds if you're fast.
    @ millicy:
    Well, the problem is, there won't be less people on the servers. The direction AJ has been growing has been UP, even with people quitting.
    @ Anonymous:
    You're probably right about that. And it's not a normal-sized update, either... it's actually pretty decent compared to some of the other ones we've had recently. Sure, it won't be as big as squids/octopi coming out or a new land/ocean, but... well, you get the idea.


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