Friday, March 2, 2012

Extreme Freezer Burn Glitch!

Hello everyone!
Woodswolf here, reporting an EPIC GLITCH!
Okay, so, everyone knows that you can go get freezer burned in the Snow Fort den, right?
Well, there's actually a way to get EXTREME FREEZER BURN - you turn COMPLETELY SOLID BLUE.
Here's how.
Step 1: Go to Appondale. Get ALL muddy. The muddiest you can get! I dare you! Well, that, and it's required.
Step 2: QUICKLY, go to your (or a friend's) Snow Fort den and climb to the Freeze Tower. You will immediately get EXTREME FREEZER BURN!
So, I hope this helps!
Bye for now!
PS: Thanks to Awesome Tinygirl and Funwow for helping me with this glitch!

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