Monday, March 26, 2012


LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!111111
What is going on?!?!?!?
Is this happening to you?//


  1. I Use Crome- Google Crome.
    Personally, I Think Its Faster And More Efficient, And It Makes Getting To Pages Faster, Too.
    Though It DOES Have Its Fair Share Of Crashing, I Think Its Pretty Reliable!

    And, The Horrible Thing About Spring:
    I Stayed Home All Day, Occasionally Shoving ICE In My Throught, To Make It Feel Better, And Feeling Like Im About To VOMIT PURE MUCUS.
    And I Had Ice Cream Once And COULDN'T EVEN TASTE IT! If I Went To School I Would SUFFER! Im Dreading Tomorrow... I Just Know I Will Not Feel Good... XP
    I Read A Lot And My Mom Went To The Store So I Got On Her PC And Bought The Rare Tie...

    But Anyways, Its Your Parents Decision To Get Crome, And It Mostly Depends On Your PCs Speed And Connection To The Internet.

    I'll Be At The Vicks Vaporizer, Breathing The Nose Clearing Vapor, If You Need Me...

  2. @awesome tinygirl

    my throat hurts when i swallow :(
    also when something touches my neck it feels like i'm choking(a little)!

  3. I have an Apple computer, so that doesn't happen... I play FeralHeart on my PC though. Yeah, I have two computers. FeralHeart works well on the PC, but I only play AJ on it in emergencies when I can't use the Mac... Because it likes to CRASH... And Google Chrome does too!
    Ok, I am using WAY to many ellipsises.. I will use periods from now on!
    I hate allergy season! I had a cough a week ago and I have to use my inhaler like every 5 minutes! And I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose! Ugh! >:(

  4. bunnylove3March 28, 2012

    yep, happened to me yesterday... twice.


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