Sunday, March 4, 2012


Okay, so... I was just REALLY. REALLY. SCARED.
For one thing, none of my den items were showing up... at all. Which was exactly the way my den looked before the last hacking.
And then I couldn't see them on my trade list, either. So I go on AJ on Internet Explorer (I use Firefox more often) on a different account (NO, you can't know it!) and... all my items are there, BUT there's an extra elephant throne in there.
I don't know WHO put that there... I haven't traded for an extra elephant throne!... but I'm changing my password to one of higher security now. *shivers*
And I might send my extra rares to a friend for safekeeping. That part isn't guaranteed, but I'm SCARED.
OKAY, I'm REALLY scared now. REALLY SCARED. Even in Internet Explorer I can't see them and edit my den! And there's no den items that I can put on my trade list!
Okay, let's see now... need to do this, need to do that... Okay, people, I'm just currently checking items off of my list of what to do in an apocalypse. Surprisingly, I'm not nearly as scared anymore now that I know what to do...
Bye for now... I need to back up my stuff...
UPDATE: Wait... what the heck?
Okay, I'm still backing up my stuff, but... now I'm seeing my stuff in the exact same spots as they were in mine... in my OTHER ACCOUNT's den.
Except it's more like a strange morphing of our two dens.
And my other account can't see the items in its den either! This glitch keeps getting weirder and weirder... I'm not sure anymore if it's a hacker, cuz they would have to be pretty skilled if they were!
Well, I don't know! I will continue my backup!
UPDATE 2: Well, my other account has had to go back for gems 3 times (even with the Pest Control cheat (see Minigame Cheats page), the 45-a-pop takes a lot out of you), and during that time, I thought over a few things.
Thing 1: This is a huge glitch that AJ HQ hasn't figured out how to fix.
Thing 2: AJ HQ is having a big laugh in the office right now over this. Cruel, people! Cruel!
Thing 3: This is an experiment AJ HQ is running to test what's best to do in case of a hacking. Some players know how to avoid something like this, and so they're doing one of these things and tracking us to see what we do. I'm not sure how likely this is... but if this is what's going on, I'll follow along.
UPDATE 3: Item transfer completed. If this is a hacker, and they still get my stuff, at least I went down fighting.


  1. WHAT??
    you used that random password thingy( right?) so maybe it's a glitch..
    Also at a lucky day party i saw someone calling someone else a copycat and the only thing the same about them is that they were green and had the same hat(and were the same animal)....

  2. @Woodswolf,
    I Dont Think Its A Hacker, Or That AJ HQ Is Laughing, But Probably A Glitch. Try Emailing Them! Once They Know About A Problem, They Try Their Best To Rid Of It :)


  3. @Awesome tinygirl
    i wanna make a plantness level test
    what do you think?

  4. @ millicy:
    No, I haven't, actually. I used the same old password (strategy) as I did for woodswolf. I could have easily been hacked. But now my old password has been changed, and it has at least one @ sign XD
    @ Tinygirl:
    That was my other theory. A big fat glitch. Not sure what I did to cause it, though...
    @ millicy (again XD):
    Hmm... you mean you're turning it into a GAME? O.O

  5. No No, don't worry don't panic. the same exact thing is happening to me.
    Everything was GONE from my den and i couldn't click the den button. I went to a friends house and everything from my den was mysteriously hovering in their den. I logged of and came back on 2 seconds later and everything was back to normal.

  6. @woodswolf
    no.. at least i don't think we're turning it into a game

  7. Hehehe... I can still hope, Millicy! XD
    Hmm... well, my error (yes, it works just like that) has been doing so all day.

  8. lik omg look what someone said on chat.


  9. Wcc Admin HjacklerMarch 05, 2012

    I know i could do that kinda hard core hacking but.... hmmm... I'll look into it :) You could always entrust your items to me if you ever need to!!! :) id be happy to help! im your Assistant after all! :)


  11. i didnt bother to read the rest of your post, but the EXACT same thing happened to me! i got on one of my other accounts, went to my original's den, and the items were there. its just a glitch, not a hack, dont worry! im sure AJHQ is trying to fix it :)

  12. wait... PAIGEH12? im paigeh52! strange.... -eyes suspiciously-


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