Saturday, March 3, 2012

Animal Jam to Real Life : Time Ratio Calculations/Theory

Did you ever wonder exactly how old your animal jam character was in terms of age? Some people will say, "Oh my character is 2 because i have played for 2 years." Well yes, they are 2 in Real Life Time (RLT) But what about Animal Jam Time? (AJT)
I have thought about this for a while. Today i will calculate an approximate Animal Jam to Real Life Time Ratio. Im not so good at math but I will try my best.

I think it is safe to assume that the average game play time on Animal Jam is 2 hours. So that means 2 hours would be a full day in the "animal jam world."
So 2 hours RLT = 24 hours AJT
Now that we have that basic foundation we can use it to determine: How long is 6 months in animal jam in real time? As a leader of an animal jam clan i get asked this question alot : "How long is six moons (months) in real life?" They ask this because they are wondering when exactly there apprentice ceremonies should be. So lets figure this out if you hadn't already done so in your head.
Using the little formula above we know that...
4 hours RLT = 48 hours AJT
8 hours RLT = 96 hours (4 days) AJT
and so on....
I'm seeing a pattern! how about you? The pattern is: # of RLT hrs x 12 = # of AJT hrs!
So how many hours are in a month? (lets just use 30 days)
24 (hours in day) x 30 (days) = 720 hours in one month. (in real)
If there are 720 hours in a real month, how much time passes in animal jam during a real month? Lets use our pattern! 720 x 12 = 8, 640
This means that 8, 640 hours pass in animal jam time during a 720 hr real time period (in terms of roleplay, not litteraly of course).
8, 640 hours = 360 DAYS wow! This means that 30 days in REAL equal 360 days in ANIMAL JAM.
WAIT this means that your character ages about a year in animal jam each real month! (because there are 365 days in a year and 360 is very very close to that so i round up.)
If you have played for exactly a year (12 months) your animal jam character would be 12 years old. (give or take 5 days)

This is how to find the age of your character....
-figure out exactly how many months you have played animal jam.
-The number of months you have played is almost exactly the number of years your character is

For example.....
I will calculate the age of my animal jam character so that you guys can understand better.
I joined animal jam December 2010. So i have played for 16 months.
- 16 months RLT = 16 years AJT
Awesome that is close to my age! =D
If your character is a wolf you can convert the years into dog years.
Wow this means that my Wolf is 80! that makes sense because i am an elder (well now a leader)
You do not have to use the dog years if you don't want to. I think it is safe to assume that a magical world like Jamaa does not have Dog years.

Okay, back to the original question.
What about six months animal jam time? How long is that in real?
All we have to do is divide by 2.
If 12 months AJT= 1 month RLT
then 6 months AJT = 15 days RLT
So if you are an apprentice or kit in animal jam, you only have to wait 15 days for your cerimony. That is around 2 weeks.

Yay i feel so smart! Honors math students please check my work.

Keep on Jammin'

Woodswolf's Comment:
Your math is right :)


  1. This is really neat, by the way. Good work!

  2. Thanks Woodswolf! It took a while v.v
    Woah this new comment thing is so cool! =D

  3. @Bunny
    By The By.. Anybody Who Sees This.. I Might Be On Chat.. But Maybe Not AJ :3


  4. Good to know, Tinygirl.

  5. OMG THT MEANS.....THT P.P.R (professzorpeachyrobor) IS 20 YEARS OLD! O MY.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................not a nother blakout -.-

  6. I decided to do the calculation now.
    My Animal Jam age is around 20 years...

  7. @ Woodswolf and Funwow:
    Awesome! =D

  8. Piplup131415 (STILL too lazy to sign in)March 04, 2012

    Magical Magicgem (my first animal) is about 17 in AJT. Maybe you should make a post about calculating your FeralHeart character's age?

  9. @Piplup131415
    This would actually apply to all games,unless the average play time was different.

  10. If that applies to all games, then Akumu, my first FH character, is 13.


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