Thursday, March 29, 2012

Custom Messages!

Custom messages are FINALLY here! I sent a 3 paragraph letter to Animal jam a few months ago asking them to make it. And they did =) This is proof they actually DO listen to us! Thank you animal jam! Im sure other people have suggested it, so i dont take all the credit.
Only members can use it for now. They say they are "testing it out" to see if it will work out. Soon non-members may be able to use it too! You get to type in your own message to your friends. Only it is not freechat, it is normal chat. Hey it is better then bubble chat messaging right? =)

Keep On Jammin'


  1. Yeah, I Can't Wait To Use It!!! :D. ~Roxy648 iPod Typing!

  2. @Millicy. Yeah Sure! Dreams Are Important, They Make Sleeping Interesting :D Tomarrow, Maybe? I Will Send You A CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Jam-A-Gram If Possible! I Had A Dream, Too, So Yay! For People Who Arn't Millicy, This Is For Last Post ;3 NO ENTER KEYYYYY!!! But There Is A... SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEBar :D Watching Ellen Show, Only Re-Runs This Week NUUUUU D: Ok Thats It! ~Roxy648


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