Monday, September 26, 2016


Wow. It's amazing how long we've all been a part of this blog. Over 5 years ago this blog started. I was 10. Holy shit. Who let a 10 year old be part of a blog??
Anyways, guys, thanks for the good times, the bad times, and the learning experiences.
If any of my old pals see this, drop your email, and I'll email you my number or my kik, or my Instagram, or SOMETHING. :)
(For the *maybe* final time) I love you all
Wolves are Awesome.

Also can we talk about how fucking dumb my username is. Jesus Christ.


  1. Wow tbh same. As a ten year old, I spent like 90% of my life on a blog. It's kinda sad wow. I stop by every now and then for the casual nostalgia trips and when someone actually posts I have little fangirl moment. I mean, you can shoot my an email-

    Also I feel you, my name was "Darling". why would i do that to myself?

    anyways whenever you actually see this (because wow im super late haha) hit me up c:

    1. yoo hey darling and wolves!! nice to see ppl actually got back on haha. if anyone wants anything from me ill just post my instagram publicly, lol. im @tinrobotics and i post a lot of shittie art.

    2. i feel ya my dude, we were all young little nerds fuckin around online. but it was fun! good memories. my old name was awful too dont worry lmao

    3. im pretty sure WCC was the end of my social life
      and my name was/is acceptable haha get rekt B)
      ANYwAY MY INSTAGRAM IS @millicy

  2. i like how like 4 of us still stalk this blog even though it's soo fucking dead

    1. i like how the commenting rules say "no bad words" im reporting everyone but darling to the Frucking Police

    2. ikr like why am i still here

    3. MILICY do you remember me??? I was bunnylove3 and whitestar

    4. hello i miss you guys pls reply soon

  3. Guys it's bunnylove3 or Whitestar/rose whatever the hell I called myself I can't believe this website is still here


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