Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, today I logged in to be greeted by a lovely new newspaper!
Finally, this week is actually worth mention. Unlike last week, of course, where the only big development was sea turtles for everyone (and I didn't even get one).

The first thing is that AJ HQ is now saving big cats again, like they did for the first year or so with a royalty included in the memberships (I think, anyway).
No, wait, just checked. The membership royalty is still there, and so its exact price percentage is unknown. :P
Anyway, now you can buy wristbands at AJ Outfitters to show off your Big Cat pride, and then a portion of the cash you bought it with will go to saving big cats.
Third thing relating to their newly-revamped Big Cats Initiative - they've now redone the Conservation Museum! They've got an exhibit there dedicated to big cats, and then the gem donation box now has a POLL there! Take a look:
Alas, what they're trying to do here is force a vote for Cheetahs, as it is the only animal that we do not yet have in Animal Jam. Because, doubtlessly, they already have made an animal for cheetahs, and they're going to wait for an update or two to announce it, pretend to take some time making it, and then release it.
This all has to do with the 'balance' of animals - there are three canines currently (Wolves, Foxes and Arctic Wolves) and two felines (Tigers and Lions).
Notice that both the Lion and the Arctic Wolf are received by membership cards, that Foxes are for members only, and that Wolves and Tigers are available for everyone. With this, we can conjecture that they are going to be parallel in representation:
Wolves - Foxes - Arctic Wolves
Tigers - Cheetahs - Lions
Thus, since Wolves and Tigers are for everyone, and Arctic Wolves and Lions are for members that got theirs with a card, we can assume that Cheetahs will be available in-game to every member, to match up with the fact that Foxes are.

Also, it is now winter in Jamaa. The seasons are changing, and snow is everywhere now. Mira has also donned her icy form.
 Splash and Dash available for everyone... Pet Foxes are still the monthly gift...

Also, we now have a new Alpha Spotlight for Graham! Check it out on The Daily Explorer!
I'm going to make a new page to assemble the information about all the Shamans and put it on WCC eventually. Then I'll have to redesign my old quiz as well, since it's becoming clear that I'm either a wolf or a monkey now at this point, but more likely a monkey... o___o

Anyway, I think that's it for this week's update!
Bye for now!


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