Sunday, November 25, 2012

UPDATE ABOUT PUMA or the so called pumas....

They aren't pumas; they're snow leopards.
Here are some poses i got...
  . .

Non member snow leopards! ^^


Woodswolf's Comment:
 Honestly, at this point, based on the fact that 'Snow Leopard' is a name combination, it's looking like it's a membership card animal.
Also, the picture of the 'non-member snow leopards' seems fake to me, simply due to the fact that the name cards are not shown to prove that. Anyone can wear a red necklace like that, and I would say that it would be unlikely that non-members would get a new animal first.
Just pointing out a few things. :)


  1. Woods, how do the non-member snow leopards seem fake?

  2. Limekitten, WCC ModeratorNovember 28, 2012

    Everybody, I have figured it out. Okay, so I saw somebody talking to a snow leopard and she said she got a gift card at Target for $16.

    Arctic Wolf: Hey are you puma or snow leopard?
    Snow Leopard: Snow leopard I got a card at target 16 dollars
    Arctic Wolf: Cool I have to get one soon bby see yah

    So the non-member snow leopards are real, these ones obviously don't come with membership I guess.


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