Thursday, June 21, 2012

Message from Funwow

This is a message from WCC's Official Historian, Funwow.
Hi everyone.
I just wanted to say that I have a blog now called Animal Jam Diner (or AJD for short). Please come and visit as I have worked very hard on it, but still don't get sad feelings and work yourself out.
End message.
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  1. HermioneMusicNoteForeverJune 22, 2012

    Earlier I was reading older posts. Way older posts. Stuff like the Fuzzy Crisis, and all that, and I started remembering my history.

    I started off by coming here, after searching Google for AJ. I found the site, but I also found a link to here. I was curious, and explored. I commented, as Virgobunny, and made my appearance. After some time, Virgobunny left you. But she had't really gone, only changed her name to Seals8. I stayed for longer before leaving, created and abandoned Jammer Jam, my AJ newspaper, did so much, and then I started reading posts only and not commenting. Eventually, I started up again as HermioneMusicNoteForever, the name I have now. I have been with us since August 2010. We have gone through so much together. We have seen Fuzzy quit and come back. We have seen our first birthday as well. Many Lucky Day, Friendship Festival, and Day of the Phantoms celebrations are things we have spent together. We are united as WCC. We are the followers, mods, and creator of WCC. Woodswolf and her followers are the true kings and queens of the Animal Jam blogging empire. We are WCC. We are the greatest of them all.

    -Virgobunny, Seals8, and HermioneMusicNoteForever.


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