Sunday, June 3, 2012


An Online World Where Your Drawings Come To Life.
Shidonni Is An Online World Where You Can Draw Anything And Have It Interact With The Other Things You Drew, Like A Background For Your World, Food, And Animals!
When You Sign Up You Are Greeted With A Online Painting Program
When You Are Done Drawing Just Click Ok And Fill Out A Simple From
And Then Activate You Account!

Now That You Account Is Activated You Can Edit Your Animal, Create New Ones, Create Food For Your Animals, Make A Background,Play Games And Much More!
Have Fun!


  1. I AM STILL NOT A PEAR D: (derp XD)

  2. @key99
    Just search Shidonni and you should find it...

  3. Sad news... remember MythCat2907?
    Well, I met her on AJ and she says for some reason her computer won't let her comment or post on WCC. :(



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