Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJ's NEW STUFF! Plus other stuff...

Hello everyone!
Sorry this is late! I was at my grandma's all weekend and couldn't get the laptop out (and I finished the whole Twilight series and started two other books XD). So there's my explanation.
Some of you may have noticed by now that I have a different picture for comments! No, it's not mine, millicy did it and I loved it too much! The pixelly one was kinda annoying anyway. Hers was a lot better than mine... and my old pic still lives on in the favicon.
Also, before I run the news, I owe an apology to Kiddypool for a misunderstanding.
I'm sorry with what happened to you this weekend with the bad comment by Geckoguy. I was in no contact with him this weekend at all (I only found out when I was looking at comments of millicy's to update my blogger profile... it's a really long story) and I didn't even know him beforehand. I'm sorry for what happened on your blog; personally I find the idea behind it fascinating, for as long as it's safe, AJ couples can really make the game a whole lot more peaceful. And featuring them is a good way to, you know, let the game spread out into new and better directions.
I'm sorry about that, and I hope it doesn't happen again. :(
AJ is taking FOREVER to load, and I've reloaded twice. I'm going on Minecraft until it's loaded... but that will creep me out. I hate the ambience noises (sound created by caves - any empty space underground that is larger than 3x3x3), even though I haven't seen a single monster in like 10 minecraft WEEKS. I am the definition of the word 'cautious'.
Okay, it's tomorrow people, and I'm at school right now writing this. So, anyway, there are a few new things. First, there are TWICE AS MANY colors for your animals now! And this feature is for EVERYONE! YAYA!
Also, they announced a new pet is coming... it's a REINDEER! And speaking of PETS, you can now design your own! Fully customizable pets!
Also, it's easier to customize your den now. If you want to place an item JUST A BIT left/right/up/down but it's off the screen, the view will drag with your item so that there's no need to move your animal.
Also, there is going to be a new room (or maybe a whole cavern system Chamber-of-Knowledge style... O.O) behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons. What will it be? Well, the hint is that there is DARK WOODEN SCAFFOLDING around the cave behind there. Yep! It's a MINESHAFT (Talk about irony, though... I was talking about MINEcraft yesterday, and now there's going to be new MINEshaft rooms... XD) and it's probably gonna be mega-super-epic. No, it WILL BE.
Like last week, I'm going to do OMSA for the new stuff:
OMSA = Only Member Stuff Added
Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture
Museum Den Shop (OMSA)
Claws 'N Paws (OMSA)*
Flippers 'N Fins (OMSA)*
Shiveer Shoppe
Mystery Emporium (OMSA)
Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
* Technically, this is OMFA (Only Member Features Added)
I think that's it!
Bye for now!


  1. @woodswolf or anybody elde who knows how: sorry......this may seem like a really newbie question..but how do you add a new tab? =\

  2. @Bunnylove3
    At The Top Of The Page By The Tab You Are On Theres Usally A Small Button, Click On It And It Will Come :D


  3. @Woodswolf
    I Was Making An Awesome Map For Every FH And FH+ User On Here But My FH+ Does Not Cooperate So Instead Of Pretty Realistic Dens Made Of Marble With Crystal Lights (Since You Own The Blog I Made A Cool Den Thats In The Sky With Fire Surrounding It And A Waterfall Leading To A Pond With Fairydust Coming From The Rocks And A Lot Of Crystals But Its Forever Safe On Mediafire!) We Will Have Castles And Houses I Downloaded That Have Checkered And Rainbow Material I Downloaded!
    And BTW Millicy The Download Didnt Work Cause It Was The Item Folder Download Not The Map Download XD
    But Hopefully I Can Work On It When We Have A Long Time Away From School, Like Christmas Or Maybe Even Weather!
    Because It Will Approximently Take Me A Week, 5 Days If I Dont Sleep. And THATS How Cool It Is. I Spent 2 Days On It Until My FH+ Crashed And It Was Like, 20% Done! Oh And THIS IS NOT A RUMOR FH IS REALLY DOING THIS THEY POSTED ON DEVIANT ART! There Will Be Wings. Which Means There Will Be Flying 8D
    But They Said It Will Take A While And They Will Probably Not Make Prey Or Items But They Dont Know Yet :D
    Sorry I Took So Long!

    Who Else Would It Be? X3

  4. look better quality :D!

  5. ( it's millicy and the pic CLICK IT)

  6. @woodswolf

  7. list of games :D YAYZ

    Animal jam
    PetPet Park
    fly like a bird series (of games :D)
    The Endless Forest
    Pokemon Mystery Universe (if you like pokemon)

    Offline ( :( ):
    LPSO/Littlest Pet Shop Online (as of
    december first )
    some other games i don't know of
    in the making:
    Arokai (for 13+ >:( )




    if you know of any others please tell me, thanks :D

  8. i forgot to put LPSO in the pay-to-play offline list sorry D: *face-palm*

  9. thanks awesome tinygirl but thats what i did yesterday only shows what tabs currently exist, not how ot add on another one. so.....

  10. @ Awesome Tinygirl:
    Hmm... it's going to be on MediaFire?
    I can tell it's going to be SUPER EPIC, so how would you feel about it being made the OFFICIAL map of WCC when you're done?
    Oh, and BTW, technically, there ARE wings already. Those fairy dust circles you talked about let you fly through the air (while you're inside them). XD
    So you don't even have to wait for wings. Just put a billion fairy dust cirlces around.

  11. @ Millicy:
    I play Minecraft free online at, and I don't play on Peaceful. I want the wolves, monsters, and slimes to spawn, but they don't spawn as often if you're in very bright enclosed areas. Although, I'm thinking about going a bit farther into the desert and making a mob trap with all the cobblestone I have from mining (I have hundreds of pieces of ores and I have like... five or six diamond and a diamond pickaxe?) because I have 3 regular chests full (one large - it's just double the size - and one small) and that's good enough to make a pretty good sized safe monster trap that's also creeper-proof (not quite, i know... obsidian works better, but I haven't found enough lava yet... there's only one spring I know of near my back entrance). I'm thinking about making a secret room soon (for looks, ya know).

  12. ^.^ nevermind!

  13. @woodswolf
    wolves spawn in peaceful.
    why didn't you pay to get it?

  14. Awesome! Making Maps Is What I Do Or If Nobody Is On A Game!
    But I Can Give You The "Leader Den" So You Can See It Before December, But The Fairy Dust Doesent Always Make You Fly, FH Programmed The Water To Look Like That, Cause If You Get The Camera Inside It It Has The Blue Water :D
    And The Small Pond And Waterfall Were Added In Map Maker, Not Object Maker, So Yeah. But That Isent The Best Part About It! Its In The Sky, With Stairs, It Has Crystals Everywhere, It Has A “Ring Of Fire” Around It, And At Night, It Shines Like The Sun! So Yeah, I Pour My Blood, Sweat, Tears, Heart, And Soul Into My Maps, And There Always Awesome :D
    So I Hope You Will All Love It, Theres Even A Den Above A Lake That Will Either Be A Meeting Place Or A Town Hall... But You All Get “Rainbow_Land” And I Will Post Pictures I Took While FH+ Still Worked For Me, But Only Woods Gets The File Of Objects I Made! YOU GOTTA WAIT TILL WINTER BREAK MWAHAHAHAHAAAAHJHUGFF....
    But I Hope You Like It! Wait.. No, Dont Like It... LOVE IT!



  16. hello everyone... i will be off animal jam until friday... i need a break form animal jam right now.. but i will sometimes be on this blog! bye...

  17. I did NOT mean it that way. My blogs are known for being professional, quality blogs. I'm sorry if I insulted anyone- I wasn't really trying to single anyone out- I'm just against online dating- especialy if you don't know the person. The AJ HQ is against it to- that's why you can't say marry or kiss or any of that stuff with limmited chat. Again- sorry for anyone who was insulted...

  18. @ geckoguy:
    I don't like online dating, but if it's just play and they aren't giving any personal info it's fine.
    @ Awesome Tinygirl:
    That's good to know. Thanks!
    I'd love to see the draft when you're done with it... ;)
    @ millicy:
    I didn't know wolves spawned on peaceful. Thanks for the tip.
    Now I need to set the difficulty to Peaceful and run back to my lair fast... I accidentally stumbled upon a lava spring while mining... you get the picture.

  19. Moonpaw/ Yellowfang8November 30, 2011

    Srry I Might Not Be Commenting Much But I'll Be On AJ. Darn Hand Cramp! I Think I Practiced The Recorder A Bit Too Much.

    PS: Fun Fact- You Probably Already Know This Cuz You Read My Comment, But I Play The Recorder! I Know How To Play Hot Cross Buns!

  20. GRRRRRR... Im Going To Have To Go Through A Lot Trying To Get Reg FH Users To Get The Map, But The Only Thing Wrong With FH+ Is That The Dens Dont Show! I Might Post That Problem To Get An Answer On The Forum And Try To Know How To Get People To Have It.... But It Might Involve Some Downloading Things Besides A Map... Sorry!
    And @Woodswolf
    How Should I Give You The Link? Is There Possibly A Way To Meet On Your Chat And I'll Give You The Link (Mediafire Is Blocked On Xat So You Gotta Type It In D:)
    Or Another Way Maybe?

    ~ The "Mappy" Roxy648
    Or On FH, *8D-Roxy!*

  21. Hiez!

    I Made A Code Called Mooncode!

    Here Is A Message In Mooncode:

    Elloh, Uysg! Ikel Ooncodem? Aybem Hist Illw Eb Sedu Ni Ommentsc Lla Het Imet! Hent Atersh Ouldn'tc Eadr Uro Ommentsc!

    Here's The Trick To Reading Mooncode!

    Ooncodem = Mooncode

    So Here's A Key:

    The First Letter In The Words Is Put Behind The Last Letter!
    Like Mooncode?

    PS: My Signature In Mooncode Is Elloefang8y/ Oonpawm.



  22. >:D I Nucks No Ot Het Omputerc!

    Ho Nda Ayy! Ti Noweds Ustj Ni Imet Orf Ecemberd Irstf! :D

    Emotes Of The Day: >:D, :D

  23. @oxyr648
    ih i ikel ooncodem! ti si unf ot ypet!

  24. MooncodeMasterDecember 01, 2011

    Andd the new updates...

    Mt Shiveer:

    Reindeer Pet Icon
    New Jamaalidays decor

    Shiveer Shoppe:

    Snowman Mask-M

    Wreath Necklace-NM

    Coral Canyons:

    New shop, Epic Wonders.

    Jamaalidays decor.

    Epic Wonders- OMSA

    Sarepia Forest:

    Reindeer Pet Icon

    Crystal Sands: NN (Nothing new)

    Jamaa Township:

    Jam Mart Furniture:

    Epic Jamaalidays Tree-M

    Round Ornament-M

    Candle Ornament-M

    Jamaaliday Lights-NM

    Gift Pile-M

    Cupcake Pet House-M


    Gingerbread Tree-M

    Frosting Icicles-M

    Jam Mart Clothing:

    Jamaaliday Bow-M

    Jolly Elf Hat-NM

    And the Monthly Member Thank-you Gift is a Gingerbread House Den.

    I found a glitch in it. I'll be willing to show you anytime.


  25. Sorry I'm replying to REALLY old comments!
    @ Awesome Tinygirl:
    Just send me an e-mail with the link in it to the map. I'll look around and give some tips ;)
    @ millicy:
    Actually, as long as you have your own e-mail you will be able to register. The reason they said that was that they don't want really little kids going on and giving everyone their personal information, or acting rudely to people without meaning to.

  26. @ MooncodeMaster:
    What's the glitch in the Gingerbread House den? I'm on from 2:30 to 3:35 CST today. I'll meet you on Kama if it's not full. Otherwise just send me a Jam-A-Gram when you're on and I'll meet you there.


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