Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall in Animal jam!

Fall is here!! =D
The trees are red, orange, and yellow in Jamaa township and there are leaves on the ground in Sarepia. Go check it out!

You can also stand on the Jamaa clothing store roof:
I don't think its a glitch because they changed it and its easy to get up there, give it a try!

Have fun jumping in leaves =]

Keep on Jammin'


  1. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 02, 2011

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    But You Can Call Me Tiny! ;3

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    I Am The Talky, Tired, Tiny!



  6. tigerstripe STOP IT!!!!! some people just want to talk and not have to read BAD WORDS!!!

  7. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 03, 2011

    Yeah, Tiger. Ppl Just Want To Talk Sometimes Without Reading Bad Words Or Critisizm. Sorry About Any Typos In My Comment, I Don't Know If I Spelled Critisism Right.
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  8. Darkpelt of ShadowClanNovember 03, 2011

    Tiger, NO ONE Wants To Read Bad Words. Think About How OTHERS Feel When You Shout Bad Words At Them For Once. STOP IT, Please, Tiger. Please.

  9. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 03, 2011

    Warriors TNG, Publication Ready!


    Misty wandered away from her home.
    She heard her humans calling her, calling her name. "Misty, Misty! Misty, Misty!" It was almost as if she was in a trance. She couldn't hear them and wandered away, drawn to the thick pine woodland. She stopped in her tracks. There was a fire colored tom. "Ohhh...!" Misty was strangely drawn forward toward him. She came out of the sort of trance and attacked him. He swiftly, with one kick, made her bounce off. Misty caught her breath and then spoke. "Who are... who are you?" Then the tom spoke. "I am Firestar, leader of ThunderClan. Who are you?"
    "I'm... I'm Misty. What's ThunderClan?" "There are four clans here. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan,and WindClan.
    Each one has territories to hunt on." "You hunt?" "How else would we survive?" "But don't you-" "You are not of the forest, and know only of kittypet ways. Would you like to start life as a young apprentice here, in ThunderClan?"
    "Umm.... can I come back tommorrow? I think I need a little time to decide." "You can tell me your answer in the morning."

  10. No one want to hear from u bitches


  11. Guys thats not the real tigerstripe somebody is fraing him (i wont mention any names but i have a good idea who it is...) He always logs in when he posts so hi has a pic and a link to his profile. sombeboy is using his reputation to put awesome tinygirl down. Think again before you pass judgement on him

  12. Also, Please remember to not spam in the comments. If it isnt relevent to the post i would think twice before posting it. In addition, over use of capitalization is considered spam. Please consider this in the future, thank you.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. @ everyone

    thanks to all of u EXCEPT millicy and a few others, im leaving this site because no one likes me.

    (last comment u will ever see from me everyone so Buh Bye)

    (millicy was the best to me but cause of other in going sorry millicy....)

    •Anime Girl•'s last post/comment.

  15. Your right, it probably isn't a glitch, just like climbing the tree in Appondale. By the way, I have a blog, animaljamexplorers.blogspot.com, check it out! (Hope I did that HTML code correctly...)


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