Thursday, November 3, 2011

Story by Meh.

it was a cold cold night, her n her friends whent to explore they found a hole and whent in......
as they go down theres lots of ants... they get SMALLER somehow they meet queen ant and hoping she wont eat them but she was nice. they had a HUGE party then whent to their home. that was a day they wont forget of.



  1. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 04, 2011

    Am I Going Crazy? Anime Girl Said She Posted Her Last Post/Commnent. Blah Blah Blah, Thats Just To Fill Up Space Cuz My Comments R Usually Really Long XD. Anywayz Anime Girl, I Like It. I Think It Might Be More Interesting If It Was Longer, But It's Ur Story. Anyhowzabout, Im Exited, Wait Did I Say Exited? I Meant Excited. Anywayzahowzabouya,(Lol) Ima Ex-cited Cuz Im Having A Party! (Joking, Duh!) Well U Could Tell Im Joking! Duh, Its SO Obvious. (Random Lol) (XD Im Such A Fool Lol AGAIN.) Ok Wht The Heck. Why The F*** (F*** = The F-word) Am I Stalling? Nvm, Be On AJ And Chat.

  2. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 05, 2011

    Hey Guys! Ive Been Hanging Around Brady Barr's Lab -Why? Well, My Friend Olivercat Has A Cockatoo Who Is Blind And May Not Live Much Longer. So She Asked Brady Barr How Long Cockatoos Usually Live. Do Any Of You Here At WCC Know The Answer? If You Do Please Comment!!

  3. @ Spottednose:
    Tell Olivercat that cockatoos can live a VERY long time - anywhere from 30-80 years. Here's a link:
    Now, it's Yahoo Answers, so it might not be the best, but I saw several other sites that said the same thing.
    So, I don't think it will die. Anyways, do blind cats live a long time? Yes. Do blind people live a long time? Yes. I don't think it will die (unless if it's REALLY old).

  4. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 05, 2011

    Ok, I'll tell Olivercat! Thanks, she wa sreally worried about Maia- Maia is her cockatoo's name. Hopefully Maia won't die... I don't know how long Maia's been living with her family.

    Thanks Woods. I hope Maia lives. He's really sick so that's why and he's recovered but is blind and he wasn't before he got sick so she's doubtful.

    Thanks again!

  5. Anytime, Spottednose! Anytime! :)

  6. Uh... that's more like half a unfinished- unrevised paragraph. I can't understand how Woodswolf puts up with you guys posting such off-topic things. I mean at least revise your posts!


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