Sunday, November 6, 2011

Map Key for FH+

Hello everyone!
Today I was looking around in the FH+ files, and I found a MAP KEY!
It shows where the gate to every world is and what gates there are in each world. For those of you who have had trouble locating the Cape of Distant Worlds portal, let me just say it's a very creative way in. You know that 'fairy dust' circle? Well, that stuff allows you to swim through the air like it's water if you're inside the circle. Yep. The portal is that big waterball on the ceiling.
Anyway, the name of the file you're looking for is:
It's in the main folder. Just go into the saved location and it should be immediately visible. You might have to scroll down.
Hope this helps!


  1. woodswolf can you make a wolf pack or something for FeralHeart+?

  2. Noseyfur of WindClan/ Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 06, 2011

    Hey, Woodswulf! (Woodswolf- we're gonna have to get you a nickname sometime soon!)Anyways, 2 things.
    Thing 1: You should get around to putting FH+ on the Games List page on WCC, Woods!

    Thing 2: I'm now commenting as Noseyfur of WindClan! Look for me on chat and in comments!

  3. Noseyfwur wuf WihnCwanNovember 07, 2011

    Baby talk language: Hey Woowowf! (Woowowf wereb gowwa hawe to get wu am nicknawe swoon!) Awyways twoo tings/
    Ting wun: Wu hood gwet awound twoo putwing FH+ on whe gwame wist woon.

    Ting froo: Im noww commenwing was Noseyfwur wof WinCwan. Wook fwro mwe iin chwat & cwomments!

  4. I Love Looking Through Files, Once I Found A Elephant Spine And Scull From The Lion King Elephant Graveyard, And The Waterfall! And I Agree That We Should Have A Wolf Pack.... But Can I Be The “Mapper”? I LOVE MAKING MAPS! I Want To Make Pack Maps! I Would Love To Know How To Make The Ground Into Mountains Though.... But Im Awesome At Islands And Stuff!! I Made A HUGE Cave Thing.. And I Gotta Finish "Big Lands" A Half Regular, Half Magic Place, And Its HUGE! Ughhhh I MUST Finish! I Have A Lot To Do Saturday! But I Have Only A 3DS Now So... Oh But It Sounds Cool And Remember... I Am The MAPPER! Dun Da Da Duuuuh!!!!!

    I Should Stop Appoligizing Im Always Long

  5. @awesome tinygirl do you have a paint program with layers?

  6. @awesome tinygirl
    here's how to make Height maps:

  7. @awesome tinygirl
    GIMP :D (it's free)

  8. Noseyfur of WindClanNovember 08, 2011

    Tiny I Dont Know. Id Try Millicys Sugguston Bcuz I Dont Know Any GOOD oNEZ.

  9. Noseyfur of WindClanNovember 08, 2011

    AJ UPDATED! And, it's Noseyfur here, with the new stuff!

    Jamaa Township:

    Jam Mart Clothing/Jam Mart Furniture:

    They've bought some old stuff back as new items!

    For one, the Day Of the Phantoms items are GONE.

    Secondly, Headdresses and Head Feathers are back!

    Head Feather-NM


    And over in Jam Mart Furniture...

    Fruit Bowls are BACK!!!

    Fruit Bowl-NM

    Mt Shiveer/Shiveer Shoppe:

    The Day Of The Phantoms stuff is GONE!!!

    Appondale/Claws & Paws:

    Nothing new here! Bats are GONE, though.

    Sarepia forest/Sarepia Theater:

    Nothing New!

    Temple of Zios:

    Day of the Phantoms stuff is GONE from the Chamber Of Knowledge & Mysery Emporiom.

    Ocean lands: Bahari Bargains has SEAWEED HAIR and a SEASHELL NECKLACE!!

    That's all! Remember-

    -Jam on, and PLAY WILD!!

  10. Ok, When I Have PC Access I'll Get GIMP! And I Forgot To Get Scary Balloons! Well, I Have EVERY Witch Hat So :D

  11. Hey, Im On My PC While My Moms At A Party! I Exported EVERYTHING!!!! I'll Post Links, But On Saturday AND I Gotta Know If Its Ok With Woodswolf!!! So Gotta Wait For RAINBOWY GOODNESS... And Other Stuff Too! Now Im Gonna Get FH+.... Bye!

    Tiny Feels Like Shes Moving Again!

  12. Your All Right, FH+ IS AWESOME! Its Really Fun, I Was On For 10 Minutes! It Would Be Longer But I Heard My Mom's Car And Put It Away Faster Than A Cheetah With A Suger Hype! Lol... But That Was Just Someone Turning Their Car Around... But I Took No Chances! Its Fun! But I Forgot To Download GIMP.... So I'll Wait! Theres Squirrels On My Roof Jumping And Chasing Acorns That Fall.... But When I Get GIMP Im Gonna Have HUGEEEE Mountains! Im Also Gonna Search The File For A Cloud Mesh! I Have An Idea For A Map And Need That.. But If You See This Comment Woodswolf, Can I Put A Lot Of Mediafire Links Up In One Comment? Its Like.. 20 Something Cool Stuff! Well... Im Sure It Will Be Shorter Than Most Of My Comments! XD
    But Yeah... And Now.... RANDOM FRUIT.


  13. Noseyfur of WindClanNovember 09, 2011

    Random plant that is from HP:


    Random Pizza:


    Random Vegetable:

    Dulse, a type of dried purple seaweed.

    Random Book:

    Harry Potter & The Sorcer's Stone.

    Random English word:


  14. I Like HP, But My School Never Has The 3rd Book When I Need It D:


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