Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgivin!!

Hey everyone, I just came back to say; Happy Thanksgivin! (hey its the only good thing i did)

 @everyone(even tigerstripe)

 srry for all i did.
but Happy Thanksgivin anyway!!

 ~•Anime Girl•~




  1. Its Not The Only Good Thing You Did! Your Nice, But I Just Got Back When You Quit.... But Happy Thanksgiving To You Too!


  2. people blam 4 stuff i didnt do

  3. Life is full of up & downs. So many obstacles to face so difficult to dawn a smile to end each night with grace. A journey not for weak at heart. To succeed one must be clever. Attempt this challenge not alone for best friends are forever they fill your heart with cheer they offer support not often found Best friends are forever they never let you down............

  4. Ohhh... Well I Never Blamed You (Well I Was Not Here..) But I Wouldent Have Anyways!


  5. Well I Didn't Blame You I Just Never Really... Um.. Talked To You Or Payed Attention To You Since You Didnt Comment Or Post Much I Guess!

  6. Sorry That I Never Payed Attention To You, Anime Girl!

  7. Well, I dont no if im staying, but I will think bout it.

    Where's tigerstripe anywayz?
    And what happned to most the people who like WCC?

  8. and i just happend 2 see this fromanemail

  9. ummmm....O.o
    i dont think thats tigerstripe......

    becus he/she would have the click-able name and picture....


  10. dont blam it on me anyone, idk wat/how 2 get the silver kind tag -_-


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