Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello everyone!
I know, I know, we haven't talked about FeralHeart in a LONG time. Part of the reason is I haven't been on it. The other part is that there have been no updates.
Well, now there are!
Say hello to FeralHeart+!
Here's the on-site description:
FeralHeart+ is a new edition of FeralHeart created by Simba otherwise known as TLK4EVR on DeviantArt.  FeralHeart+ uses the same server as the regular FeralHeart which means your characters, friends, and other information will still be there.  What has changed though, is the look of FeralHeart with:
-  A new interface
-  New maps
-  Old maps with a new look
-  New textures
-  And a lot more to explore
Due to these changes when installing do not try to patch your existing FeralHeat installation FeralHeart+ should be installed in Its own separate folder. Make sure when you enter to go home to bonfire so you can switch from FeralHeart to FeralHeart+ or vice versa.
So that's that!
There are only two problems with it: it's twice the size of the regular files at 122 mb. It takes 5 mins to download on MY computer and we have high-speed.
The other problem is that you have to completely uninstall the old version of FeralHeart. Don't worry, I'll do it first to see if it's good.
I'll update later!
Bye for now!

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