Saturday, November 5, 2011

FERALHEART+ IS TOO EPIC TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!
So, I've been trying FH+ out for around... uhm, five or six hours, and it's too epic to live!

Oh, by the way, here's the map list:
Bonfire Island
Temple of Dreams
Cape of Distant Worlds (I have not been able to find the enterance to this one!)
Water Mill (This is actually just the title screen map (for both FH and FH+ (I think)) - the one the camera moves around in - with a modification or two)
(the first four are modified versions of FH maps - the next three are replacements (maybe))
Ficho Caverns (The 'hub' (links to ALL the maps) of FH+)
Endless Plains

Issues I have had and how to fix them:
My character appears in a black place, but the map says I'm somewhere with actual terrain! HELP!
This is because your character has its home set to a map that does not exist in FH+ (for example, Flourite Plains is not in FH+ right now... just know that FH+ is not official and more maps may be changed/added later). Open the My Info window (the button that has the scroll with the big lowercase I on it) and go to the Home tab. Click 'Reset Home'. You will go to Bonfire Island. You can then move around in FH+ with no glitches.

Next thing. Even the worlds that are 'duplicates' look different than they do on FH. For example, consider Bonfire Island.
FH: a cave at the top of the swirly hill with the exit to Ficho Tunnel in the side. It's got lots of plants and stuff.
FH+: It's got this huge thing that looks like Pride Rock from Lion King at the top of the swirly hill, and there are all sorts of BONFIRES around that make it look like the battle scene between Simba and Scar! It looks EPIC at night!

Bye for now!


  1. GRRRRRRR! Its Tiny, Wanting My Laptop! But Im Only Gonna Download It When I Get MY Laptop, Of Corse No Duh, But I Have Questions... Does It Have Map, Sky, AND Object Maker? Because When Nobodys On, I Make Stuff! I Have 3 Maps That Are 100% RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, Before I Download, Im Gonna Export EVERYTHING!! So, A Saterday, Next Or Week After, When I Can Sneak On, I Will Export, ITEMS, MAPS, AND SKIES! And If Theres All That In +, Then We Might Be Able To Have It There, And Then Yeah! Oh, And On The FH Home, It Said Its Decended From Impressive Title, Or IT, Well... Guess Who Found A Working Link? MOI! Its EPIC! You Can HUNT, Be A LION, Fly... WITH WINGS!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT KIDDING! THEY ARE FAIRY, DRAGON, AND ANGEL WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Not As Detailed, But If You... Emm... “Kill” Elephants, You Get Tames, With Enough Tames, You Get PETS!!!!! Well, After Weakning Them, Ask For More Details, OH I ALMOST FORGOT! If You......... Emmmmm......... “Kill” Animals, Then You Might Get Clothes, Theres Also... ADMINS, BOSSES (I Know The Location Of Two), ITS AWESOME, BUT! You Have To Wait Till I Get The Link From My PC's Favorites! Sorry! I'll Try The Long Way, But It Might Not Work, But I'll Try :) But ASK FOR DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo Sorry This Is Too Long! But I Talk A Lot D:/:D
    Ok But Yeah.... Just Ask About IT

    Just Ask Me, Tiny!

  2. @awesome tinygirl
    i know about IT i played it! the first IT made is offline and the IT staff made the coding and stuff public so people can make new types of IT!


    If The Link Dosent Work, Please Tell Me!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! If You Play It From My Link, Im AwesomeTinygirl And Im Useally High Flyer Or Fang :)
    I Love This Game! I Can Hunt Down Zombie Dragons And.... Emmm..... "Kill" Them All Alone! I Think Anyone Will Like FH, FH+, And IT! Tee Hee~ :3

  5. Spottednose of ThunderClanNovember 06, 2011

    Darn It! I Don't Even Have FeralHeart! And Mom & Dad Say I Already Play Too Many Virtual Online Games!

    @Millicy: How Is It So Far? I Might Be Able To Download It But I'm 99.9 Percent Sure That Mom & Dad Will Say "Yes." FH+ Sounds EPIC!

    @Woodswulf (I like wulf better than wolf): Awesome! Just don't abandon AJ on us, please! FH+ Sounds EPIC!

    @Awesome Tinygirl: Cool! Is IT a download game or a browser game? In other words, do I have to download anything to play IT?

    Sorry, loooong comment XD

  6. Im Sorry To Say It, But Its A Download. Man, With FH, FH+, IT, And AJ I Think Im Gonna Have A LOT To Play When I Get My PC Back!!!

  7. @ Awesome Tinygirl:
    Don't worry, it has ALL the editing capabilities of FH. And it may even have more ;)
    @ millicy:
    @ Spottednose:
    Don't worry. One of my friends on FH+ (just made friends with them yesterday) said that FH wouldn't work on their computer but FH+ would. FH+ is COMPLETELY SEPERATE from FH. The only thing it shares is the same server (and concept and stuff like that) so that your animals and stuff are saved.
    And believe me, FH+ is SO EPIC.
    I know, I won't abandon you on AJ. It's just that it's TWO WHOLE WEEKS between new stuff...
    IT is a download game. I had one of the versions. I didn't like it. Couldn't figure out what to do.

  8. i downloaded FH+ but i didn't save it D: so i'm gonna download it again..

  9. i found a site i got a account on it a few days ago here it is : http://dragonadopters .com

  10. Noseyfur of WindClan/ SpottednoseNovember 06, 2011

    Ok, good, Woodswulf!

    Unfortunately, I'm NOT going to have a good chance downloading. D'you think you could get a link for me?


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