Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello everyone!
This is the AJ TOP TEN: the top ten best or worst things for a certain category!
This week's edition: BEST PLACES FOR A WEDDING!
I went around and listened to the music in all the areas (if I knew there was no music in the area I skipped it; areas with the same music are listed on the same number) and looked at the general atmosphere to find the ideal places for a wedding.
So, here's the top ten!
10: Claws 'N Paws
If you don't mind the constant caterwauling of cats, dogs, frogs, and ducks, this might be the place for you! The atmosphere is playful and bright, and it has large open areas for your wedding.
Like I said: the animal noises are ANNOYING. Beware!
9: Bahari Bay / Crystal Reef
With bright colors and an upbeat, bouncy tempo, these are pretty nice places to get married.
Sometimes they can be busy. Pick a low-traffic server.
8: Mt. Shiveer
With almost sacred-sounding music, Mt. Shiveer is a nice place for a louder, less private wedding. The white and blue background makes for a simpler look.
The music can get a bit loud and less-sacred sounding, however. Turn the volume down/mute it if it really bothers you.
7: Sarepia Forest
The sad-sounding music is very peaceful; Sarepia is usually not very crowded, and if you have the ceremony by the fire, the after-party dance is very nice (Mira comes to visit you on your wedding day :D).
The music is sad. For some it might sound more like funeral music than wedding music.
6: Pillow Room
Usually totally empty, the Pillow Room provides a nice place to have a relaxing wedding, and you can have assigned seating for small weddings.
New players sometimes wander in on accident and bother you. The emptier the server, the less likely this is.
5: Chamber of Knowledge
The very quiet, enchanting music, sets the scene quite well for a nice ceremony. The best part is is that usually it is very empty.
It can be very annoying if shoppers consistently walk back and forth from one door to the other through your ceremony (to access the shop).
4: Art Studio
The Art Studio is always empty. Hardly anyone ever goes there, which makes it extremely ideal for a wedding. The music is very light and happy.
SOME people go in there, rarely. The music might also be a bit too vibrant for some.
3: Someone's Den
Fully customizable, with choice of music included (for members), a den can also be locked to prevent uninvited attendance. Assigned seating is very easy to arrange.
People can still teleport in, assuming they have a friend in there. This can be EXTREMELY annoying.
2: Animal Museum
The Animal Museum's grand open space and bright tiles sets a very iconic and memorable scene.
People coming in to access the shop can be annoying.
1: Epic Wonders
With the iconic style of a Roman temple, enchanting blue-purple color scheme, and the strangest, most amazing music in the game, Epic Wonders will create memories that last FOREVER.
There will be hype about Epic Wonders for up to two months. Expect shoppers regularly, or use an empty server.
Bye for now!


  1. Gawd.Those are good places,but I wish I could use them.I mean,come on! Whenever I find this really ultimate person that I fall in love with,and she too,whenever I plan a wedding,SHE DUMPS ME! Ridicolus

  2. P.S If you turn your volume down to 18 when you are at the Art studio,It's ultra soothing,not vibrant

  3. Thanks for the tip, Funwow!
    And it may just be that... you know. Some people don't like weddings. They think (or their parents think) that whenever you're 'getting married', you're going to share your personal information. A lot of AJ marriages are like that. It's really stupid, I know.

  4. I'd like to be Anonymous, plz.December 04, 2011

    Yeaahh... I used to be married to someone but he is never on so I deleted him and my old wife... walked in on me kinda... and then when I got a little mad at her she divorced at me..... :0

    Their usernames are: strother116


  5. Wow that is very helpful thank you

  6. I Think I Quit Dating After All The Breaking Up And My Last BF Cheated On Me With 2 Other Girls D:


  7. Animal Jam is against weddings on their game. It ruins a KIDS game.

  8. Seals8 & Yellowfang8December 05, 2011

    I just had a private wedding at Epic Wonders!


    Nice! Hope you had a happy wedding Yellowfang!

    And geckoguy, I have nothing against AJ marraiges as long as the couple doesn't share personal info with each other. Whatever AJ says, it's okay as long as you're careful!


    Seals is right! And yes, I did have a great wedding- and a great glitch! Over to you, Seals. I told you what happened.


    Well Yellowfang said that it was glitchy o' rama Fruit Slinger. Her username is actually 'blackmeow' but her username showed as coolcandycoon!



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