Tuesday, December 20, 2011

@ Hjackler

I understand this is a matter of utmost importance.
I allow the Bodyguard to make friends with the impostor.
Note that if the Bodyguard could inform Hjackler of a primary e-mail address of the impostor that that information could help activate Stage One Defense against the impostor with a warning, which could help avoid a large crisis.
We may have a lead in which a certain 'DoodleCakes' has posted anti-WCC comments, who could possibly be the source of the problem.
I hope this is of assistance to the Bodyguard.


  1. Its A Good Thing DoodleCakes Is Banned Forever!
    But I Think I Know A Theory.
    Me, Hjackler, And Kiddy Were On Chat, We All Left At One Point But I Think
    "DoodleCakes" Was Maybe LATE And Was Trying To Find Hjackler Or Something Like That.
    Maybe It Could Happen :3

    ^^^^^^^^ Is A Plant

  2. Sodasanta (or KittyLemonadeMeowzDecember 21, 2011

    Hjackler's imposter is a BIG problem, Woodswolf. I have a theory! If Hjackler could lay low and comment as 'Anonymous' for a while and if we let him think we thought he was the real Hjackler then he might reveal his true identity! But Woodswolf, delete this comment as soon as everyone has seen it! If you see this comment, RESPOND!

  3. i saw it..well..idk wht. I dont wanna get a convwersation

  4. yall no the imposter proboly is readin everythin we say so he does what we are doin, like he might act as an 'Anonymous' and still be the imposter, so i say lets lay low on the ideas for hijackler or the imposter might use them to thing he's hijackler when he's not



  5. WCC Mod HjacklerDecember 22, 2011

    Good boss u got my message, i was hoping you would get what i said :) this is makin me mad im gonna hack em ta pieces

  6. I have a theory. And a plan.
    Return to business as usual, and if you receive any notifications from the Bodyguard, Hjackler, about the e-mail, please inform me as quickly as possible.
    Good theory, Sodasanta, but I think we should all come up with psuedonyms. I have several already. Most people have several already, actually. Leftovers from the hacking crisis.
    I agree, quakebabe. Of course, I could 'mess with him'... I need the e-mail first, however, if he has one.
    Hey, Himpostor! Yeah, that's my new name for you. Do you see this? Yeah. Uh huh. This is to you. Why are you being an impostor for Hjackler anyway? You realize you could probably do more damage if you were an impostor of me, right? See how that works? Yeah. Try that. And get your head checked. Cuz unless this is a 'stepping stone' to get me, it's really stupid. It's really stupid anyway. What do you want? Fame? Fortune? Well, I can tell you, it's not that great. Have you looked at our history? Two crises, and now this? I'm telling you, if you were planning to impostor Hjackler to get up to me you're still going to have to do a lot of reading... and you couldn't even impostor me correctly. The post above is BLEEDING with secret codes between me and three people. Yeah. I'm telling you, you don't stand a chance.


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