Saturday, December 24, 2011


Uh.. Why is everyone posting about hjacker? Seriously???????? He was gone for a super long time and he randomly comes back saying there is an imposter. Okay, HOW DO WE KNOW HES NOT LYING? I mean, that post saying what he is gonna be called now. THAT WAS A BAD IDEA WOODSWOLF. Cause the imposter could have seen that, and commented as iznotthestupidimposter when you think its hjackler but really its the imposter. But really... idk if i can trust hjackler. He scams. He hacks. He lies. THAT THING ABOUT THE UNDERWORLD WAS A LIE!!!!!! HE EVEN TOLD ME! How could anyone trust him? He scammed me a long time ago, and I should think hes all goody good? NO. Guys really. If this is a trick or something I am not falling for it. I am not stupid.


  1. Feather, it is true, on an older post:

    WCC Mod-Hjackler said...

    i have winter break start same as Spottednose yeah.

    Wcc Mod Hjackler said...

    Yeah, there is a difference.

  2. @Feather,
    I Guess You Posted This Before I Told You What That Post REALLY Ment On Chat :b
    Nobody Told Me, Im Just A Detective.
    -Hides Under Blanket-

    ^^^^^^^^^^^I Dont Know :b
    Well Im Gonna Be A Plant Now.

    ~Roxy648 The Plant

  3. Thats not true the underworld WAS real you dont know what your talking about your a stupid little piece of nothing cuz i went there myself WITH Hjackler

  4. iznotthestupidimpostorDecember 24, 2011

    there is an impister!

  5. @Hjackler
    Uhhh.. You told me it was a lie. You said this.. "Ya i lied so you would stop being blabby" SOMETHING like that. But you told me it was a lie. And its obvious cause then you went to crystal sands and "went" into a secret place there and you never got any pics to proove. And plus, you said it removes all your buddies. HMMM.. Maybe you removed me and woodswolf super quickly and went to your den. And no one here should trust you. You hack,You scam,YOU EVEN SCAMMED ME!!!!!!!!!!!! And you LIE! I am NOT falling for your stupid lies. And I am a peice of nothing? I don't hack. I don't scam. And I DON'T lie. And I am peice of nothing? Thats you. Scammers and hackers and liars are nothing. You are all of those. You are nothing.



  6. Okay...(LOL Random) But it's Christmas!Soo show a little care,kindness and respect!I know we all have our ideas...But no nned to fight about it like WW told me back when Hjackler and I were fighting about the Fuzzy thing but ya...No need to fight.Feather I know you think Hjackler is his imposter but you never know!He ight not be lieing but I am a little on your side.He does hack and scam.
    Woah slow down....Just forget about and move on!Does it matter?No.It's Christmas!Forgive and forget ;)
    (Don't get mad at me....For saying all that crap xD)

  7. *need *might Just can't spell!

  8. @ Feather:
    I have my reasons. ;) Talk to Roxy. She inferred everything on her own.
    @ Sodasanta:
    You're right.
    @ iznotthestupidimpostor:
    Hello, Hjackler.
    I have to ask... Do you have the primary e-mail of the impostor yet?
    @ Bodyguard:
    Keep on alert. I have a plan.


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