Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello everyone!
I'm sure all of the members out there are very excited by the new shop, Epic Wonders!
Well, did you know that there was actually a rumor concerning it a while ago about it. It's called the Glove Cave.
The story about the Glove Cave came about around the Friendship Festival (probably, anyway). It said that if you got enough people to jump on the bridge in Coral Canyons (sources vary on how many you need, but in general it was somewhere from 30-50 people), the bridge would collapse, and everyone would fall to the ground. After that, an enterance to the Glove Cave would open behind the wolf carving, and people would go inside to recieve - yes - free gloves.
This rumor has been modified most recently and turned into some sort of vague rumor that there is something under the ice in Mt. Shiveer. Free stuff? Maybe. Just know that neither of these rumors are true, and you won't end up jumping with lots of other people for three hours (it's happened to some people...).
So this is probably why AJ HQ made Epic Wonders: to give a 'reward' to some of the unfortunate members who fell for these scams!
Bye for now!


  1. Never Heard Of It!
    I Heard If 40 Wolves Jumped On The Bridge Then They Would Fall And Get Gloves/6000 Gems/Free Membership But I Never Beleved It. But When I First Joined I Saw People Dancing In Front Of The Greevly Marking Saying It Will Open If Only Wolves Danced Anc Then Everyone Will Get Every Color Glove And A Lot Of Gems, I Dont Remember How Long I Danced But Knowing Me I Probably Got Bored 2 Minutes In And Then Left :l
    And Who Dosent Love The New Dens? THEY HAVE A FUDGE POOL! But I Wish They Would Bring Back Pet Rares... In The Older Paper They Said We Might Be Able To CHOOSE Them Soon!
    And I Think This Shop Replaces The Old Canyon Shop Thingy.... I Think It Went Away Cause Few People Went There.... I Know I Didnt! And Since Most Things Are Member Its Gonna Be Tough Trying To Get Everyone A Jamaaliday Present.... PLEASE REMIND ME NOT TO SEND THEM BY MAIL..... Wait... Yep, Hard...! Mail And Item Color Should AT LEAST Be Avalible To Non Members..... -Sigh- Well, Maybe A Holiday Miracle Can Save This! -Waits For Two Minutes- This Is Boring! I Give Up! :U

    Oh My Chair! I Found A Pear! His Name Is Shere And He Likes To Wear HATZ!

  2. Yeah. Those are a few variations of the 'legend'.
    I need to see a few of the dens still! I have only ever seen these dens:
    BETA den (it's the epicest one I've ever seen and owned... it's really too bad they don't bring it back... maybe a new Epic Wonders item?)
    Princess Castle

  3. I Own All Of Them! Well.... Not The Princess One Because That Was For Halloween House Money... Figured Theres One Chance For This And A Million For That.... :l
    But Im Saving Up! And I Wonder... What Would Happen If A Person Was Running Out Of Membership And They Deleted The Non-Member House? Ive Been Thinking About This A Lot!
    Would You Get A Free One Or Could You Not Go To Your Den? I Have Mine Until Someday In June, And I Still Own The House, So Just Thinking Aloud! XD


  4. play best dressi got 4 thousand gems within 10 mins

  5. Question: I Wonder... What Would Happen If A Person Was Running Out Of Membership And They Deleted The Non-Member House?

    Answer: Well... You Cant Delete The Non Member House, AKA Small House, But If It Did, It Probably Wouldnt Ban You From Going To Your Den. It Might! And Yeah, I Know Like NO-ONE Went To Coral Corners. Ok Im Exaaggerating A Little! Well Not Many People Went There I Guess. So I Bet They Got Rid Of It And Then After They Decided They Wanted A New Shop In Coral Canyons So They Made Epic Wonders!!


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