Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!
Happy Holidays from everyone at WCC!
I hope your celebrations go wonderfully :)
Bye for now!


  1. just in time i have a new Picture!
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  2. @Woodswolf
    Merry Christmas!!! For The Third Time X3
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Or Hanukkah X3

    Tomorrow Im Going To My Great Aunts House, If Her Cat Had Kittens I'll Take Their Picture!!!
    And I Have A Giant Wolf Plush Toy X3

    Im A Lemon Tree Plant!!!!

    Is A Poinsettia

  3. KittyLemonadeMeowzDecember 25, 2011

    Happy Holidays! My celebration went AWESOME! All the presents I wanted! And an AJ Gift card, too, plus a new netbook computer!

    Happy Holdidays, Xmas, and Jamaalidays!

  4. @Millicy
    WINGS????.... Yush 8)... YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH 8D
    And My Great Aunts Cat Ran Away D:
    BUT I HAVE AN iPOD!!!!! I HAD One, But It Was...-Sigh- 3G.... BUT NOW I HAVE A 4G, And Its White X3
    But, Since I Have A New iPod, The 5G Will Come Soon... XD
    Live Pictures Coming VERY Soon!


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