Saturday, December 10, 2011

FH 1.1

Hello everyone!
This just in: FeralHeart (regular, not +) has updated from 1.09 to 1.1.
I'm exploring the changes as you read. This will be updated soon.
... Or not. It's not downloading right :(
Bye for now!



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  2. Well,I remember you saying you had to uninstall Fearalheart regualr to get feralheart+,so maybe you have to download the whole thing over again

  3. @Funwow
    you don't have to uninstall the regular to get FH+! what i did was made a new file to put FH+ in

  4. I Have FH And FH+
    But Im Playing AJ Because If I Get On Before Thiscoming Friday Night I Might Make My Map...
    Oh And I Might Get A Tablet! But Most Likely I'll Get A New iPod :L
    Both Are Good Though, I Hope My Sister Gets A Tablet If I Dont So I Can Use Hers! Bored! And I Have A Headache... I Need SLEEP... Aloha!

    Aloha, Being Bye And Hello, Sounds More Like Hello To Me :/
    Buenos Noches!

    Yes, Im Aware I Just Did This.

  5. KittyLemonadeMeowzDecember 12, 2011

    Ugh... "Colonel Voncroc, Colonel Voncroc, Colonel Voncroc." Sick of the name. My 2-year old brother watched me play AJ and I let him but then I let him basically take over my account. He made bizarre-looking animals. Oh well.


    I am VERY bored.

  6. FeralHeart Will Have Wings!!! soon hopefully!
    and you need to download the patch again to get new emotes and new stuff (not wings but stuff like bug fixes)

  7. Yeah! But The Wing Designer "Has A Life" So Hopefully It Will Be In Next Update

    I Typed This 5 Hours Ago But Never Posted It. Hmm :l


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