Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello everyone!
SUPER excited about this!
A LOT of new and exciting stuff came this week!
First off, you can now customize your pet any way you want! Rare features came back, and now they're not random! Yay!
Unfortunately I can't provide screenshots because the booth (just like the Pet Wash) is members-only. Darn.
Next, there's a new PARTIES tab at the top of the screen! What you do is you click on the party hat and balloon icon and it brings up a list of the current parties and when they will occur. The list (as far as I can tell, anyway) holds a maximum of six parties. The farthest one in advance is around 8 hours from now (wow, if I got up early... maybe I'll go to that one! LOL!).
Next: it's not zebras, but it's HORSES that are coming with the New Year! And, based off of all the wacky-colored nametags, it's another members-only animal. Not that I would play as one, of course.
Next: just like last year, there's a DAILY GIFT during Jamaalidays! Log in every day and you get one. Apparently they have super-rare items. Unlike last year, it's actual items, not just gems.
FINALLY: AJ T-SHIRTS! Talk about bringing out your wild side, eh? (This pun was not endorsed/supported/moderated by the AJ HQ, it was simply a display of really bad humor by me XD). It looks like there's a wolf, a tiger, a dolphin, a panda, and some phantoms.
Okay, so now that that's over with... (sighs with relief)
Let's do OMSA for the new stuff!
Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture
Museum Den Shop
Shiveer Shoppe (OMSA)
Mystery Emporium (OMSA)
Bahari Bargains
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Jamaaliday Jam Shop
Bye for now!

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